Go to the coffie man in Viridian city and talk to him. When he asks if you"re in a hurry, say No. After he catches the Weedle, Fly to Cinnabar island and go to the water. Surf into the water and surf up and down the coast where it"s like you"re half on land and half on water. You should find pok�mon over level 100, depending on your trainer"s name.

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When doing the above trick, you can also find the pok�mon called Missingno. I don"t recommend that you catch it, because it messes up your game and it"s not very strong. It"s number 000 in the Pok�dex and it knows Water gun, Water gun and Sky attack (I think it was, I"ve just tried it on my friend"s brother"s Blue version and that was a year ago).

Duplicate items

When you encounter a wild Missingno., the sixth item in your pack will be duplicated. The number will show 12> (replace the > with a small box, red in the red version and blue in the blue version) and if you deposist 30 of them, you will have 99 left. That means the items are 129 in all, not 130, 120, 99, 100 or whatever you might have heard; it"s 129 EXACTLY.

A lot of money

Duplicate a Nugget with the above code. Then sell all except one. Repeat. If you don"t have a Nugget, try buying a Full restore and use it instead.

Get your pok�mon to level 100

Duplicate a Rare candy with the code given above. Then give all except one to your pok�mon. Repeat.

Pocket healer

Duplicate a Full restore, a Max elixer and a Max revive. If you don"t have a Max elixer, you can also use Elixer, Max ether or Ether.

Never lose in the Game corner

Do the following to never lose any coins at the Game corner:Check if you have coins. If you have, go on to step 3. If not, do step 2.Buy 50 coins at the counter.Remember how many coins you have now! If you forget this number, all this will be for nothing!Save your game.Start playing the slots with three coins. Use any slot machine you like, but always remember the number of coins you had in the beginning!Watch the number of coins you have, but be sure to remember the number you had at the start.When your number of coins reaches any higher than the number you had in the beginning, remember how many coins you have now instead of the old number and save again.If you ever run out of coins, turn off your Gameboy and turn it back on, and you will be back with the highest number of coins you had through the whole progress!If you get bored of playing the slots, also just turn off without saving. Also, it might be good to turn off when you"re more than 700 coins under the number you remembered, as not even two jackpots in a row would get you higher.Do this until you have enough coins for the pok�mon or TM you want.Beat Brock

If you chose Squirtle or Bulbasaur as your starter, Brock is a piece of cake. However, if you chose Charmander, you"re in trouble. Try catching a Caterpie in Viridian forest and raise it until it"s a level 12 Butterfree with Confusion, and then use it to beat him. Also, if you caught a Pidgey, you can use its Sand-attack to lower Geodude"s and Onix"s accuracy before starting to attack.

Beat Misty

Bulbasaur is the only starter that can easily beat this gym. Otherwise, use a Pikachu from Viridian forest for Misty, but raise it to level 20 or so first if you chose Charmander.

Beat Lt. Surge

Squirtle"s reign is now at an end. If you chose Bulbasaur, you have an advantage, as Elecrtic attacks are not very effective on Grass. Charmander will have an even battle - unless you decided to "take the game with style" and evolve your Charmander into Charizard before now. If you chose Squirtle, you absolutely HAVE to catch a Diglett in Diglett"s cave and teach it Dig. If you chose Charmander, it might be okay to use another pok�mon and teach it Dig. If you chose Bulbasaur, it"s good to have a Pikachu for support.

Beat Erika

Yes, Squirtle"s reign is surely at an end. Now Charmander is starting to rule the world. Bulbasaur starters should have a supporting pok�mon like Vulpix, Growlithe or Pidgeotto. Squirtle starters should use the final form of one or two of these pok�mon. Charmander starters might even need a little support, too, like Pikachu"s Swift or Spearow"s Peck.

Beat Sabrina

She"s tough. Maybe use a Tauros from the Safari zone and teach it Strength, or some other pok�mon with Strength. If you"ve got a Bug pok�mon with Leech life, use it. This time, Bulbasaur"s getting the disadvantage, as it"s a part-Poison. Use physical attacks on her, or use a Psychic of your own.

Beat Koga

Use a Psychic pok�mon or a pok�mon with Dig.

Beat Blaine

Blaine uses Fire pok�mon, so Bulbasaur still has a disadvantage, but Squirtle"s getting the upper hand now. Charmander starters will have a long battle here. Use a Water pok�mon, a Rock pok�mon or a pok�mon with Dig.

Beat Giovanni

Giovanni uses Ground pok�mon, so use a Water, Grass, Ice or Flying pok�mon here, all will work well.

Beat Lorelei

Do not use a Fire pok�mon!!! She claims to be an Ice trainer, but she"s more like a Water trainer. Her Lapras is very hard to beat, but use an Electric pok�mon against her. A fire pok�mon is better against Jynx, though.

Beat Bruno

Starmie, Jynx or Exeggutor. All three are Psychics so they can beat his Hitmons and Machamp, and all three are Water, Grass or Ice, the types that are double-super effective on Onix.

Beat Agatha

She says she"s a Ghost trainer, but she is a Poison trainer. Those Elite four members can"t decide what type they train... Use a Psychic, Ground or Bug pok�mon for this, or pok�mon with Psychic or Dig. If you aren"t using Psychic, use your Electric on Golbat.

Beat Lance

Ahhh, Lance, the Gamesharker. No, really, in Gold, Silver and Crystal he has de-leveled his Dragonite and evolved AND de-leveled the Dragonairs, and he even taught Aerodactyl Rock slide. Well, do NOT use Dragon attacks on him. The only Dragon attack in Red, Blue and Yellow is Dragon rage, which just always hurts by 40 Hit points, no matter what is weak to what. Instead, use an Ice pok�mon. It will beat all of his pok�mon except Gyarados, but it is VERY easily beaten by your Electric. A good team for the Elite four would be Jolteon, Jynx, Raichu and:If you started with Charmander: Charizard, Exeggutor, StarmieIf you started with Bulbasaur: Venusaur, Starmie, Ninetales/ArcanineIf you started with Squirtle: Blastoise, Exeggutor, Ninetales/Arcanine

Which starter?

Simple. Take the one you like the most!:D All three have good and bad points, but if you want the best to pick, it"s Bulbasaur.

What to do during the credits

Try to recognize all the pok�mon silhouettes that push the text. It"s harder than you think. I do it every time, still I have no clue what some of them are.

Catch Mew

Here"s what you need to do to catch Mew on R/B/Y. I SWEAR that this works. I tried it myself. And a lot of other people too. The bad thing is, you probably need to restart your game to do it. Here"s what you have to do:

Don"t battle the youngster with a Slowpoke on the way toBill"s house or the Gambler who stands near the passage toCeladon from Lavender.Get Fly.Go through the underground passage from Celadon toLavender. When you stand in front of the enterance, stop andsave.Walk one step forward, ready to press Start.Press Start immediately after you step down. If donecorrectly, the Gambler doesn"t notice you before you get theStart menu up.Go to "pok�mon".Fly to Cerulean city.Your Start button isn"t working now. Walk up Nuggetbridge and find the Youngster with the Slowpoke. Go all theway up so he will have to walk up to you after he noticesyou, or the game will crash. Beat the Slowpoke.Now, your Start button works. Press it and Fly toLavender town.Go left to Route 8. The start menu will pop up byitself.Press B. DO NOT save. Press B right away. When the Startmenu closes, you will be attacked by a wild pok�mon. It"s alevel 7 Mew that only knows Pound.Catch it (duuuh!), stare at the pok�dex entry for ages,then stare at its status screen for ages. Then jump aroundthe house, yelling "I HAVE A NON-SHARKED, NON-NINTENDOMEW!!!"Save because you want your Mew to be there the next timeyou play.

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Train pok�mon with accuracy-lowering or evasion-boosting attacks or Dig/Fly

Fight wild Geodudes and Gravelers that know Selfdestruct or Explosion. Use your accuracy-lowering attack/evasion-boosting attack/Fly/Dig, and hope they Selfdestruct and miss you. It gives loads of experience.