This Is How Much Firewood Fits In A Pickup Truck, How Much Wood Fits In A Truck

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The question of “how much firewood can fit in a truck” isn’t an uncommon one, as homeowners who either buy or make it themselves want to know just how much they should expect from a single load.

A pickup truck with an 8 foot bed can hold right around 1/2 cords of neatly stacked, bed rail high firewood, while a 6 footer only 1/3 cords.

More hauling capacity if the wood is split and stacked


(Image 1) Loading wood this way is far less compact.Image by Loren Elkin via Pixabay

It’s definitely a lot less of a headache to haul rounds of wood instead, but doing the same in the split form means you can carry more in a single trip.

The same can be said if you stack the split firewood in the bed instead of just throwing it theretwice less wood can fit if it’s only loosely thrown, or less (Image 1).

Making sure you maximize your pickup’s hauling capacity means you will be able to save money on fuel and keep the wood more secure, but considering that you now have to stack the wood, the process will take more time.

Another thing to consider is will the wood be heaped, or stacked bed rail high. You can fit a bit more wood inside the pickup’s box than what i’ve mentioned in the beginning if you add another layer or two, creating a bit of a heap.

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Let’s begin with an all American classic – the Ford F-150.

The thirteenth-generation models can be bought in either 5.5, 6.5 or 8 feet bed types. That means if you stack the firewood nice and neat in the 5.5 short bed, you’ll be able to fit in right around 0.4 cords.

0.5 cords can get into the 6 footer, and staggering 0.6 cord into the 8 foot long box.

In case of the loved and treasured Toyota Tacoma, considering it is a ¼ ton pickup, it only comes either with a 5 foot or 6 foot bed.

The 5’ can be loaded with about 0.3 cord (or 1 full face cord) of split and stacked wood, while the 6 feet long bed some less than 0.4.

Best truck for this sort of thing

The more cubic feet inside of the bed, the better the truck is for hauling firewood. That means if you want to move as much wood at once, you should get a pickup that at least has an 8 foot-long bed.

Sideboards increase cargo space, but…

Installing sideboards, that is a rack, on your truck could potentially let you haul up to twice as much wood, but the thing you have to be careful here is the load capacity.

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Half a cord of firewood can weigh around 2,000 pounds, and if your vehicle can’t hold any more than that, chances are you shouldn’t exceed this value regardless of what modifications you make, as operating an overloaded truck can ruin it, not to mention put you in unnecessary danger.

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