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Are friend planning to ship a pair of brand-new shoes to your loved one?

If that’s the case, climate you first need come take into account the totality weight of her shoes together with the shoes box.

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Because postal offices usually fee you together per the standard 2 pounds rate.

In reality, the traditional weight of her shoes is typically 1-2 pounds.

And the shoe box frequently includes document envelope and dustbag.

These things can weigh up to 250 grams.

Therefore, if you add all these things, then final weight the the shoe crate comes close to 2-3 pounds consisting of your shoes. This clear depends largely on the last weight of your shoes.

If the shoes are lightweight then they can weigh even below 1 pound.

In this case, the total weight the the shoes box will certainly not go over 2 pounds.

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How come Accurately measure the load of a shoes Box?


The best way to correctly discover the weight of your shoe thoreau is to sweet it using a reliable Postal Scale.

It is likewise known as a Luggage Scale.

The best and the most accurate postal scale that ns recommend in this situation is Smart sweet Digital Postal Scale.

You can see the weight reading on a separate LCD screen when you use this scale.

It likewise has a tare weighing alternative which can be used to measure multiple shoes boxes or other heavy-duty items accurately.

How to uncover Approx. Load of her Shoe box in case You Don’t have actually a scale or leader at Hand?


Usually once you shot to send shoes together a parcel, you take aid of one of two people a range or a ruler to uncover the exact weight that the entire shoe box.

But what if friend don’t have both these items readily available at her home?

In that case, you usage a simple technique to estimate the as whole weight of your shoe parcel.

Although, i warn you the this method will not help you discover the accurate weight.

But it help you to discover approximate weight of the parcel.

So, use it only as soon as you are all set to pay an ext for the package in case your load estimation fails listed below the correct weight analysis at her local write-up office.

So as soon as you don’t have actually a measuring scale or leader then follow action 1 and step 2 the are listed in this guide online.

Step 1 will assist you evaluate the approx. Dimension of your shoe box and also step 2 will assist you find the approx. Load of your parcel.

Remember, this method is simply estimation and will be beneficial to friend in assessing the approx. Cost of the package.

If girlfriend want precise measurements, then i recommend to get specific measuring scale as pointed out above.

What is the Approx. Weight of The things That You need in your Shoe Box?

There are basically 4 key things that you require to send her shoe parcel.

1. Small empty box to store your shoes safely. It deserve to be weighed up to 15 grams. Its measurement is normally 18 x 11 x 6 cm.

2. Then you need a C4 sized file envelope to cover her shoes. Its load is typically up come 25 grams.

3. If you desire you can additionally buy A4 sized bubble padded envelope to avoid any type of scratches or scuff marks to your shoes when shipping. The weight also comes close to 25 grams.

4. Finally, you require an empty cardboard shoes box i m sorry weighs about 200 grams.

Therefore, in full the minimum load of her shoe box is approx. 250 to 300 grams.

Remember, this is a minimum weight.

And it can go approximately 1-2 pounds in some instances depending ~ above the form and load of your brand-new shoes.

If her shoes room heavy and I mean 1-2 pounds or 0.5-1 kg in weight category, then consider the all at once weight variety up to 2-4 poundsor 1-2 kg in totality.

What is the Usual dimension of a shoes Box?


If friend are searching for universal cardboard shoe boxes then check the end these amazon listings.

You will find different sizes the boxes end there.

Most the them room made from Eco-friendly and reusable cardboard material.

The typical length for these crate is 12.5 inches, width 9 inches and height 5 inches.

Therefore, the approx. Measurement of the most common shoe crate is 12.5 inch x 9 inch x 5 inches.

However, if you desire little higher sized shoe crate then i recommend to pick a box through the measurement of 14 inch x 8 inch x 5 inches.

This box is sufficient to store huge sized job-related boots or shoes.

How much Do Shoes sweet on a Scale?

According to thewiredrunner.com, the mean weight that mid-level men’s running shoe is approx. 9.5 ounces or 270 grams.

Women’s running shoes space usually much more lightweight 보다 men’s shoes.

So, girlfriend can consider women’s shoe load in the variety of 200-250 grams.If you desire to send a parcel of heavyweight occupational boots then their weight can variety from 2-4 pounds or 1-2 kg.

Therefore, as soon as sending a package of shoes box, that is really important to sweet your shoes an initial on a digital range as mentioned above.

How much Does it price to delivery a crate of Shoes?

If you visit the USPS website climate you will understand their actual rates for shipping various products.

When I confirm their prices because that shipping shoes boxes, I discovered out that they charge approx. $12.80 because that commercial base.

For retail and also online shipping, castle charge around $14.35.When friend visit your local short article office, I indicate you ask them about “Flat price Priority mail Box” charges.If you are unsure how to send your shoes without damaging them, then I highly recommend to get in touch with the local write-up office clerks.

These clerks will be the best candidates for arguing you the best and the most economical technique to send her shoe crate at your wanted location.


No matter how light or hefty your shoes are, the is important for you to understand the exact weight the not just your shoe but the shoes box as well.

The dimension of her shoe crate matters also.

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It is equally vital to take some suggestions from her local post office clerk.

This will help you send her package in ~ intended location without damaging your shoes.