Do you regularly come throughout recipes that don’t tell “potato numbers“? It can be genuinely frustrating for world who don’t understand exactly how to calculate the weight. And that’s where we can help you!

So, just how many type of potatoes in a pound? Two to 3 medium-sized potatoes (all types) make a pound. So far, the number of potatoes in a pound totally depends upon their sizes. Sometimes, it takes only 1-2 big potatoes to reach the 1 pound scale. Similarly, 8-10 small-sized white potatoes amounts to 1 pound.

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So, prior to you decide the numbers of potatoes in a pound, figure out which potato type and also dimension you are using!

Types Of Potatoes

Tright here are salso types of potatoes, consisting of Petite, Red, Russet, Fingerling, Purple/Blue, Yellow, and White. Amongst these, there are 5000 varieties and also 200 different wild species and subspecies.

Here are salso well-known potato kinds and their best uses:


Petite are bite-size potatoes having actually several names such as baby, marble-dimension, and pearl. Their skin and flesh shade is light-brown and also has actually an intense flavor.

Use: Salads, frying, steaming, roasting, and also baking.


Red potatoes have small-medium dimension, and round appearance. Their thin skin is red, and also their flesh is white. The texture is smooth and also moist. And tright here is a nice sweetness in flavor.

Use: Salads, roasting/baking, steaming, grilling, mashing, and soups/stews.


Known as Idaho in the United States, russets are a household of potatoes sharing russet-colored, netted skin. They have actually a medium-huge, oval appearance through white or pale-yellow flesh. Russets have actually a fluffy texture via a mild flavor.

Use: Mashing, baking, frying, roasting.


They are two-four inches lengthy, finger-shaped potatoes. Their skin colors include purple, oselection, white, and red. In comparison, the colors of the inner flesh include yellow, purple, white, red-oarray. Fingerlings have a waxy texture through a buttery flavor.

Use: Salads, roasting, pan-frying.


These are small-tool, oblengthy potatoes. Their skin has a purple or blue hue, and flesh has actually several colors, including pink, purple-lavender, blue, and also white. Their texture is moist and also firm via a butter-like nutty flavor.

Use: Baking, roasting, salads, grilling.


They are marble-huge, round potatoes with tan-golden skin and yellow-golden flesh. Yellow potatoes have actually a velvety texture with a subtle-sweet, buttery flavor.

Use: Roasting, mashing, salads, grilling.


White potatoes are small-medium sized potatoes via a long, round appearance. Their skin and also flesh are white/tan.

Use: Mashing, frying, steaming/boiling, salads.

Potatoes In Pounds


For your comfort, right here are some types of potatoes in pounds.

How Many type of Red Potatoes In A Pound Or lb?

Around 7-9 small-sized, red-skinned potatoes make a pound. Red potatoes are easily accessible year-round, and also you can discover them in your surrounding groceries.

If you can’t discover red potatoes, then attempt their substitutes. These incorporate white or yellow potatoes, Yukon Gold potatoes, and russets.

Keep in mind not to usage russets if the recipe calls for boiling red potatoes.

How Many kind of Yukon Gold Potatoes In A Pound?

Five medium-sized Yukon Gold potatoes make a pound. Similarly, 10 Gold potatoes make roughly three pounds (1.35 kg). They lie under the yellow-potato category. And thus, they have a light-yellow flesh via a creamy taste.

However, if your recipe requires Yukon yet you can’t find them, better switch to other potato substitutes.The best substitutes for Yukon potatoes incorporate red skin potatoes and also white potatoes.

Never before use russet potatoes in a recipe calling for Yukon Gold. That’s bereason russets have actually a starchy texture, and their form might distort during boiling.

How Many kind of Ruscollection Potatoes In A Pound?

Three medium-sized russets make a pound. For 2 pounds, you need 6 medium-sized russets. In instance you enrespond to some small-size russets, you require three to four of them to make a pound.

However before, if you aren’t conscious of the sizes, then host 2 potatoes in your hands. If they fit comfortably in your palm, they are tool. If you don’t feel comfortable, then they are large potatoes.

And also, if you feel too comfortable, then they are smaller.

With cups:

2 cups maburned russets (or any type of other potato-type) renders a pound. Three and also a fifty percent cups of chopped potatoes equal 1 pound.

How Many Large Potatoes In A Pound?

If you make a recipe that needs one pound of big potatoes, then usage around 1 to 1 ⅕ large potatoes.

However, it is ideal if you use medium-sized potatoes of any type of kind in a recipe. Their taste is fresh and far even more vulnerable than tiny or large potatoes.

Although large potatoes are pretty good in terms of nutrition, they may have sprouted. So, the ideal option is to prevent them.

How Many Potatoes In 5 Pounds?

As it depends on the potato size, eight small-sized potatoes should make a pound.

Likewise, 16 medium-sized potatoes should fit in a 5-pound bag. However, you still must examine for yourself whether you’re buying specifically 5 pounds of potatoes or not.

While buying potatoes:

You have to much better go for pound-packaged ones.If your surrounding grocery keep doesn’t sell potatoes in pound bags, usage a weight scale.

In the lack of both above choices, train your eyes because our eyes are the kitchen’s best measuring tools.

What Potatoes Are Best For Mashing And Boiling?


Here are our favorite potato types for mashing and boiling:

For Mashing

Yukon Gold potatoes are indeed the best for mashing. Not just this, they would do simply as excellent when roasted.

It’s because these gold potatoes have actually a nice thick flesh that makes them stand out from other potato types.

They have actually a reduced glycemic index than russets. So, diabetic patients and those watching their calorie intake deserve to consume gold potatoes via no concern.

Additional benefits incorporate Vitamins B-6 and C, protein, and a healthy dose of potassium. Minerals like potassium increase excellent heart and muscle function. So these potatoes play a more nutritive role in diet for heart patients. 

For Boiling

High-starch potatoes are finest for boiling. Potatoes like Yukon Gold and also Yellow Finn have actually a tool starch level.

That suggests they contain more moisture and for this reason would certainly not autumn apart once boiling.

You may also use russets for boiling. But bereason of their fluffy texture, they absorb more water. So probably after scalding, their form is not what you are hoping.

Which Potatoes Are Healthiest?

When considering nutrition, all potatoes are excellent for health. They contain a modeprice amount of vitamins, minerals, carbohydprices, fiber, and calories.

However before, potatoes with dark flesh such as Yukon Gold, Purple Viking, and also Ruby Crescent are the healthiest.

Why Are Small Potatoes More Expensive?

Small potatoes are more expensive than various other sizes. It’s bereason these potatoes are heirimpend cultivated. And it might also be a waste to add them to your potato salad.

So much better go for medium-sized potatoes. They are cost-reliable, more delicious, and you can use them for numerous functions.

You may additionally usage fingerling potatoes for a healthy alternative. They have actually low starch and you can eat them via tiny qualities.

What Does A Pink Potato Mean?

Sometimes, you may have actually noticed little pink pockets inside your potato, these are Phenols.

Phenols are acidic chemical compounds that create inside a potato via a chemical reactivity.

The chemical reactivity happens once specific enzymes and also phenol react through oxygen coming from external. And as an outcome, you obtain a pink potato.

Is A Pink Potato Safe To Eat?

These potatoes are totally safe to eat. You can even include vinegar in soaking water to protect against discoloration. Once you prepare them, they will certainly look and taste just fine.

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However, constantly and constantly protect against green potatoes. Tright here might be fungal growing inside them which is hazardous.