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When you space undertaking a home advancement project, every penny counts. And also in the case of the humble coin floor, this expression becomes quite literal. Those that are trying to find a important unique-looking floor that can be quickly DIYed there is no breaking the financial institution find what lock are looking for in penny floors.

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What can be an ext retro, bespoke, and also unique than a penny-covered floor? once upon a time, penny flooring was specifically reserved because that the crafters and the—pardon the pun—penny pinchers among us. These days, though, penny flooring is trending everywhere, from commercial spaces to Kat Von D’s home.

But prior to you waste your time and also money—and I average that literally—you should proceed reading. Here you’ll discover all around the advantages of penny floors, precautions because that installation, the cost, legality, and expected expectancy of these types of floors, and the ins and also outs of installation them.

I will additionally be sharing several of the optimal penny flooring principles I’ve come across, so you really are going to discover out everything there is to know about this eclectic layout of flooring. As the old saying goes, in for a penny, in for a pound.

Advantages Of penny Flooring

Extremely long lasting flooring option that holds its very own in high-traffic areasVarious installation choices to select fromCan be provided in any type of area, in and outside the homeDIY-friendly undertaking (for the many part)Infinite architecture possibilities availableAdds interest and also visual appeal to a spaceA flooring option that promotes up-cycling, if you use old pennies or those that you find on her own

Disadvantages Of penny Flooring

While affordable, that is no as cheap as you may expect and also can end up costing you more than what the pennies us are also worth.Money aside, every aspect of a penny floor will price you A LOT gradually too.

But is the time it prices worth it? who am ns to decide? I will certainly let you comprise your very own mind by see what coin flooring looks choose in real homes around the world.


1. 3D Cubic penny Floor

Next deluxe – This very first idea is a great way to show you just how an imaginative you can obtain with your penny flooring designs. If eye-catching is what she after, opt for a bold style idea prefer the one watched here. To protect against looking “too busy,” ns recommend just using this form of architecture in smaller spaces such as bars, walkways, closets, or pantries.

2. Moody Office coin Floor

Concrete Decor – penny floors room not specifically reserved for use in toilets or bar areas. This charming home office is proof of that. The dark-toned, 44,000-penny floor add to appeal and also interest to this an are that would certainly otherwise it is in boring. I likewise love that, rather of opting for lighter, shinier pennies, the installers offered deep, dark pennies to develop a moody ambience.

3. Sleek and Shiny penny Floor for Kitchen

USA Love list – In stark contrast to the image above, the coin floor in this kitchen is shiny, sparkly, and almost glowing. I also think the spotlights ~ above the ceiling reflect perfectly off the floor, making it appear even shinier.

4. Facility Penny Floor Design

MSN – This photo shows perfectly how facility a pattern pennies deserve to achieve. While i don’t even want to know just how long it took this woman to shade code and sort 7,500 pennies, I will certainly say that the end result is nothing short of astounding. Also though pennies are round through design, this photo proves they can be used to produce sharp, straight angles through ease.

5. Natural Penny shower head Floor

A building We Shall walk – While all of the pictures you have seen so far are nothing short of masterpieces, they space pretty complex and look at very plainly man-made. For this reason I assumed I would display you the penny flooring can likewise look quite natural in the ideal setting, and that is personified through this image. The pennies of this shower head floor pair therefore beautifully v the surrounding stone wall, and the two materials work coherently together. Also, is it simply me or does that floor make you think of sandy beaches?

6. Soft and also Stunning penny Bathroom Floor

Our irish Manor – Again proving that pennies can be provided to develop incredible trends is this neighborhood bathroom. Back pennies are hard and round, the means in i beg your pardon they’re provided in this space makes them seem soft and flowing. This is absolutely one that my favourite penny floor ideas to date.

7. Snakeskin penny Floor

Sunflower flow – ns am in love v the an exact pattern and complex design pictured in this ar bathroom. Everything about this an are just works, from the intricate connective circles to the contrasting tones the the pennies. Come me, the looks similar to a snakeskin pattern and also I can not get sufficient of it.

8. Penny Floor Stairway

Josi Ryke Realtor – If girlfriend love the look of penny flooring but do not want to commit come covering whole floor in this unusual material, take into consideration installing pennies on her staircase instead. As you can see here, the pennies look absolutely splendid without being too overbearing. Personally, i would have covered the measures themselves in pennies too, yet that’s simply me.

9. Pennies In The Bedroom

The penny Floor project – Remember once I said that coin floors don’t simply belong in spaces favor that bathroom? Well, why not try this trend out in your bedroom! i’m obsessed with the overall effect here. Not just does the coin floor include texture and dimension, but the color coupled v the clever bright evoke the emotion of warmth, i m sorry is crazy since pennies are so cold to the touch. Love it!

10. Golden Penny Floor

DIY assumed – 27,000 pennies have actually never looked for this reason good, right? This penny floor is therefore reflective and also shiny, it virtually looks favor it’s submerged under crystal-clear water. The clever scattering the the pennies likewise helps this kitchen floor come look gorgeously golden, with just the odd dark penny here and there.

11. Stunning silver Penny Floor

Next deluxe – If you are really up for trying miscellaneous different, why not take into consideration creating a coin floor made totally of silver pennies? as you can see indigenous this shower floor, this works exceptionally well and also will to the right in with any kind of modern, transitional, industrial, or modern-day bathroom v no problems. This pennies room a little more difficult to gain a organize of, however I am certain you will certainly agree that the end justifies the means.

12. The penny Floor Compass

Patio supply – If you don’t recognize which direction to go through regards to your penny floor design options, possibly a much more literal technique is what girlfriend need. This stunning compass style is breathtaking and also is as distinct as the is shiny! i love the gold tones and also warmth this floor achieves. This is one penny floor idea i can snapshot in my very own home, perhaps under my skylight, there is no a moment’s hesitation.

13. Coin Floor In tiny Spaces

Next luxury – Personally, ns think penny floors work exceptionally fine in tiny spaces. Provided the rest of the room is fairly finished in a minimalistic style, the course. Otherwise, it will certainly look also cluttered and the room will appear even smaller. In this picture, you can clearly see exactly how the enhancement of a penny floor transforms this small toilet room right into an commercial haven.

14. Wavy penny Floor

Next high-end – If friend are in search of a facility all-penny pattern to pull off, watch no further than this wave-inspired space. The darker pennies look nearly black, when the shiny persons look as though they room brand new, and also this mix-n-match of brand-new and old works really well. Overall, i love the straightforward yet complicated nature of this design and also think it might work anywhere, however specifically in a lounge area or bathroom.

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15. A penny Floor Tree

Next deluxe – even though the tree is not entirely finished in this image, I’m certain your creativity can to fill in the blank. Ns for one am in love v this design and also am blown away by how well the works. This would certainly be perfect because that children’s bedrooms, guest rooms, kitchens, patios, and also entryways.