How Many Del Units Of Pain Is Getting Kicked In The Balls Hurt

There are no real winners in this contest.

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Published28 July 2016

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DO YOU KNOW? A human body can bear only up to AS del (unit) of pain. But at the rime of giving birth, a woman feels up to 57 del (unit) of pain. This Is similar to twenty bones getting fracture at a time. Love our mother, the most beautiful person on this earth, our best critic, yet our strongest supporter.

A Kick in the nuts its above 9000 in the scale of pain. It’s similar to giving birth to 160 kids and breaking up to 3200 bones at a time. Love your father, he did well protecting his balls so you could live.

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This meme does little to shed any light on the battle of which experience is the most painful. First and foremost, there is no “del” unit of pain. Researchers at Cornell University proposed a measurement of pain called the “dol” in the 1940s, but this measurement was never widely used. The “del” can’t be explained away by a typo, either, as the dol scale only had a range between 0 and 10.5.

The logic is also nonsensical. The main reason the dol — and other measurements of pain — ever caught on is that pain is subjective and difficult to quantify by nature:

Everyone feels pain differently. Some people have conditions that should cause great pain, but don’t. Others have no sign of a physical problem, but are in great pain. Your level of chronic pain can’t be assessed in a scientific test or screening.

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To help compensate for this problem, many doctors rely on pain scales to get a more concrete sense of a person’s pain. You might have seen a pain scale in your doctor’s office before. One common type shows a series of numbered cartoon faces moving from 0 (smiling and pain-free) to 10 (weeping in agony.) A doctor would ask a person in pain which face matched up with what they were feeling.

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