How Many Balloons Fit In A Car ? How Many Balloons Will Fit In My Car

There”s nothing worse than badly shaped balloons – what we call pear-shaped – or balloons that don”t seem to sit right, or balloons that fly away or go down.

We”ve solved those problems!

Every balloon is inflated to a constant size and then hand tied. A ribbon … in your colour choice … is attached and securely knotted, then tastefully curled.

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Finally, all bouquets are securely tied together using our proven method – and then a safety sticker placed for added reliability.

Oh, if you buy from us we also give you up to five free balloons in case of breakages (one free balloon for every ten purchased).

Then just to make sure you get them to your event safely and without tangling together, each bouquet is neatly packed into a specially designed Party Plus balloon transport bag.

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Tips for getting the best out of your balloons



Never carry more than one bouquet in each hand. You may think you are saving time, but trust us … the time and stress involved in untangling is not worth it!


The arch-enemies of balloons are heat, cold, humidity, wind, friction, handling and sharp objects!


When collecting your balloons, do your other shopping first then try to pack as much onto the floor or in the boot space of your car as possible. While Party Plus balloons are pretty hardy, once you”ve collected them from the store you should treat them like precious babies … you know, don”t put them in the boot, in back seats unattended, strapped to the roof-rack or with strangers! (We did see a customer drive off in a convertible car holding onto 50 balloons … and another rollerblading down the street holding onto 25 … not our renadechworld.commended transportation modes!)


You can usually fit about 30 balloons into the back seat of a standard sedan car, or 50-60 into a small hatchback with the back-seat laid flat.

Allow a little less room for bouquets as they take up more “air-space” when in their transport bags. The rear seat of a locked up car can heat up dramatically even on a cool day, so don”t let them sit in a stationary car for more time than necessary.


Balloon transport bags are for transport only.

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If you need to stop at home for a couple of hours before your event, bring the balloons inside, open the bags to let the balloons “breathe”, then re-seal the bags and place in the car just before leaving again. Travelling even long distances is usually OK with the air-conditioning on.

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