Exactly exactly how long go it take to cycle 10 miles? It's a question many new cyclists questioning before setup out on their first ride or commute of this length. Having actually started the end on one old mountain bike in the Spanish hills, it took me on mean 10.5 miles an hour as viewed in the first image.

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Fast forward 1.5 years later, and also I'm going further and quicker; albeit on a roadway bike and less climbing. This come in at about 45 minutes for 10 miles and variables are a vital factor.


How lengthy to cycle 10 miles?

A good average for a ten mile bike ride is in between 45 minutes and an hour. If you're a beginner, it's much more likely to it is in closer to the hour mark.

Over time your typical speed because that each of your rides will increase and also so the time it takes to cycle 10 miles will be reduced. As soon as it pertains to average speeds, you should take into consideration what friend think your can sustain for an extended period.

For example, if you were to aim to bicycle 10 miles in 30 minutes, friend would need an typical speed that 20 mph (32.19 kph). That kind of speed is controllable under the best conditions, specifically if you're riding ~ above a level or through a team of other cyclists.

However, if you are more recent to cycle there are a few factors you need to be conscious of that will influence your speed and efficiency on the bike. E.g. Her initial fitness level and also the type of bikes yo're riding.

A roadway bike is a many lighter than its counterparts and also so there's one less element to complete with. But lots the cyclists often tend to start with hybrids, which can weigh a little bit more, and also so that must be factored into your expectations.

Let's delve into these factors below.

The variables of cycling 10 miles

It is no surprised there room a many of components to take into account when cycling this distance. The most evident example is a powerhouse cyclist perfect 10 mile time trial in under 20 minutes.

Let's take it a look at the different things that will result your time, which will also aid you calculate your own 10 mile completion.


Like anything, the more you acquire out ~ above the bike the better you'll be on it. That's come say ~ weeks of to ride bicycle 10 miles, you'll be quicker than the an initial time you had actually a go at it. About 1 year ~ I started cycling my time improved so much that i was act 10 miles in 33 minute (I request Evie come calculate)! You'll be shocked how quickly your fitness enhances just together I was recently. Pair that v a great diet and you'll be cycling 10 miles in no time.

The 10-mile route

A few people will certainly laugh if you basic all your data on mean speed. That is because how lengthy it takes you come cycle 10 miles on a flat route is different to how long it takes you come cycle 10 miles on a hilly route.

It sounds pretty apparent but I've beaten myself up about going slower prior to when the routes have actually been just more challenging. If you map out your route beforehand you'll gain an idea if it will certainly be slower than expected.

Whether the weather is pretty or not

Sunny and also dry days room perfect for cycling 10 miles and also it is most likely a cyclist will do it much faster than normal. Merganser days make it a little tougher since the tyres friction ~ above the roadway is higher making you ride marginally slower in wet conditions. And then there's wind; a bitterness sweet cycling relationship. Top top one hand it may be behind you and also you'll zoom rapidly by, whilst on the other hand it will certainly make your legs work overtime and have girlfriend cursing right into the gales coming straight at you.

Alternatively, accept some days will be good and other's bad. Just understand if it's windy and also wet, you'll be a tiny bit slower - the worst thing you deserve to do is struggle it throughout those 10 miles.

If you desire to jump right into some science, I can recommend Cyclist's article. Apparently, there's a sweet spot... That knew? Just offer yourself a 5 hour home window of chance to carry out your commute and also you may just discover it...


If you're ~ marginal benefit then open up your wallet. It's true the a rust bucket the a bike will certainly make cycle 10 miles lot more an overwhelming than a Pinarello carbon beast (not actually a cycle name), but if you have a standard road or mountain bike then her fitness is the real an essential to speed.

If her 10 mile bicycle is uphill, making use of a hill bike is going to take it you longer than a road bike on many occasions. That is under to a bike's weight. The heavier the cycle the harder the is come cycle uphill. There's no two ways around it. However you can make you yourself lighter by either wearing lightweight Lycra or carrying much less items.

So, how long walk it require to cycle 10 miles?

In truth, there's no one answer to this. That all counts on your fitness, exactly how long your in its entirety ride is, the route and also what equipment you're using. Yet we'd say the an 50 minutes is likely the median standard.

Cycling more than 10 miles

The time the takes you to cycle 10 miles will offer you an indicator of exactly how long it'll take you come cycle various other distances. However, if girlfriend rode 10 miles in 1 hour, the doesn't average 20 miles will take you 2 hours. When I first cycled end 50 miles, it was the hardest work of practice I'd ever done. I recall it taking me 6-7 hrs which if making use of my 33 minute 10 miler data, ns should have actually gone over 100 miles. I wish.

The rationing that food and also drink and also fatigue that takes to first rack up large miles is exhausting and also can through no method be calculated because that a very first timer. Make certain you slowly pick her miles up, fairly than jumping into the deep end, and also prepare efficiently.

To conclude

If you room just beginning out ~ above the bike, have actually one hour in mind because that cycling 10 miles. This time will slowly edge down as your fitness improves. Many variants in to ride bicycle will persuade your results and this often can not be helped. Carry out the finest you can and take that steady.

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Cycling is an ext than just around getting quick times and hard data. Reap the sights, the senses and the complete enjoyment. Great luck through your next 10 miles; and also I sincerely expect you find the sweet spot.