How Long Does It Take Cat Hair To Grow Back ? (All You Need To Know)

Whether your kitten just had surgery, your long-haired cat has undergone regular grooming, or you’ve taken a rescue cat that needed shaving to clean up matted and unhealthy fur, you will be eager to see it grow back.

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There is no steadfast rule regarding how long it takes cat hair to grow and the actual amount of time it takes will depend on the breed of cat, the length of their hair, and how short they had it cut. Generally, however, long-haired cats will have to wait between 3-6 months for their fur to fully grow back. Short-haired cats should take between 2-3 months.

Like people, every cat is different. Some will have fur that grows back quicker, while others will seem to have arrested hair growth.


Reasons to Cut a Cat’s Hair

There are some good reasons why you might have cut or shaved your cat’s fur:

Operation – Whether spaying or neutering, your cat will have to undergo a haircut for the operation, and it will take time to grow back. The hair is shaved so that the surgeon can get to the cat’s skin, and also because stray hairs can cause infection. Following the operation, your vet will glue, staple, or stitch the operation site closed and the vet may have to shave your cat again before removing them. Matted Fur – This is especially a problem with long-haired cats. If the fur isn’t regularly brushed and groomed, it can become matted and knotted. It becomes impossible to pass a comb or brush through, and the only option at this point may be to have your cat shaved. This should be treated as a last resort because a cat’s fur is important to its health and wellbeing. Obese cats, or those with certain physical disabilities, may not be able to properly groom themselves, and this can also lead to matting that requires cutting. General Tidy – You shouldn’t be cutting a cat’s hair short as a general tidy. At the most, you should groom it with good quality combs and maybe give a trim. However, brushing and a decent diet should be enough to negate the need to cut or shave a cat’s coat.


Image Credit: Akifyeva S, ShutterstockIt might be tempting to trim a cat’s fur for summer. After all, that hair must weigh him down and make him hot, right? Cats have a natural means of cooling down, and it is their fur. By shaving the fur off for summer, you are actually removing your cat’s own natural ability to cool down. What’s more, you’re exposing their sensitive skin to the hot sun and this could lead to sunburn and serious problems.

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Can I Shave My Cat Myself?

Cat’s have very elastic, sensitive skin, and it is far easier to cut feline skin than human skin. Its elasticity means that when you pull their fur, it also pulls their skin with it, and essentially pulls it into harm’s way. This, combined with the fact that shaving should only be done as a matter of medical necessity or if your cat is suffering discomfort and there is no option, means that you should leave the shaving or cutting of your cat’s hair to an expert. They know how to move and manipulate the fur without risking cutting the skin or causing other damage.

If you do have to shave your cat yourself, slide scissors between the matted area and the skin and cut on the outside of the comb. This means that that comb will act as a physical barrier to prevent you from cutting your cat.

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It is also worth noting that most cats dislike the experience of having their hair cut, and they will hate the noise of clippers being pressed against them. This makes the experience even more traumatic for your cat and difficult for you and is the primary reason that it should be left to professional groomers with experience.

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How Can I Make My Cat’s Hair Grow Back Faster?

If your cat has had its hair shaved, there are steps to ensure it grows back as quickly as possible:

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