Crab cakes room fantastic. The salty, savory seafood snack is a go-to snack for any kind of cocktail party or team event. This is because they’re so easy to make and all you need is some crab meat, bread crumbs, and a few other ingredients, and you have a delicious appetizer prepared to serve.

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Maybe after ~ the party, you notification that her crab cake plate hasn’t been completely finished. A couple of of the tasty cakes remain, however you have actually a complete stomach and also want to walk to bed. You could ask yourself, deserve to you freeze crab cakes?

Can You freeze Crab Cakes?


Can crab cakes it is in frozen? Yes. Crab cakes are fully freezable. It doesn’t issue if they room cooked or uncooked. They will certainly last in her freezer and will still be delicious when you unfreeze them.

However, us recommend freeze crab cakes if they’re quiet raw. This will offer them a much better flavor and also make it much easier to chef them without are afraid of them dry out.

How to freeze Crab Cakes

Now the we’ve reply the question “can you freeze crab cakes,” stop look into the best method to perform it.

Freezing crab cakes is easy, and also they have the right to last because that months in the freezer. Review our step-by-step guide below to make your crab cakes critical the longest.

Step 1: place Crab Cakes on a item of Parchment Paper

This action will help you different the cakes indigenous one another. Among the biggest difficulties when freezing baked items is having actually them getting stuck together. Place stuck-together frozen items in the range or microwave will inevitably result in one undercooked section of the cake.

Place the cakes top top parchment document and shot to keep at the very least two inches between each cake. This will aid keep the cakes in one item by avoiding snatching them out of a crowded plate or bowl.

This is likewise a method to let her crab cakes cool faster. Putting warm items in the freezer will reason them to expire faster and also lose a most their flavor.

Step 2: personally Wrap every Cake in Plastic Wrap

Plastic pave is the best friend of maintaining food. The tight film clings perfectly to itself, making it simpler to produce a bond with no wait trapped inside. Air causes food to rot, for this reason you’ll desire to wrap her cakes as tightly together possible.

To obtain the ideal seal, shot the rolling technique. Start the crab cake at the finish of the plastic wrap, climate take a little plastic wrap and also put it on the cake. Then simply roll it until you have wrapped the cake totally at the very least three times.

Afterward, you deserve to close the edges and move on come the following step. Be careful while you roll! when you’ve sheathe the crab cake, the will maintain its form pretty well, however if you smash it while rolling, you’ll have nothing yet mush after ~ defrosting.

Step 3: pave the Crab Cakes in Aluminum Foil

When it comes to maintaining temperature, there’s no far better material 보다 aluminum foil. The magical metal contains the internal temperature of the cake, which will make it last much longer in the freezer. If your refrigerator malfunctions, the silver paper will additionally keep her cakes cold and also preserved.

Take your plastic-wrapped crab cake and also place the in the middle of a 10” X 10” item of aluminum foil. You have the right to follow our rolling technique mentioned above, or you have the right to individually fold the corners of the foil over the cake — origami style.

Step 4: store the Crab Cakes in a Container that Won’t explode in your Freezer

One the the greatest mistakes people make when freezing food is picking the dorn container. Specific materials favor glass and also some plastic can’t handle the frigid conditions and also become fragile and also can even explode. The last thing you want is crab cake frozen to your freezer’s walls and shelves.

Check to make sure the container you’re making use of is freezer safe, or just pick up a classic ziplock bag. Even with the sterile problems of a freezer, bacteria have the right to creep in. A container or a bag with an air-tight seal will make her crab cakes last even longer.

Step 5: Label and also Date the Container

After three months, it might be complicated to mental what food is in which containeer. By labeling the package, you’ll make certain your crab cakes don’t acquire lost come the freezer burn of time.

If nothing else, you should always put a day on items you keep in the freezer. Without an accurate origin time, the useless to know exactly how long points will last. You deserve to save you yourself a many time and odor check by placing a date.

Step 6: place the Crab Cakes in the Freezer

The vital to freezing crab cakes is to store them very cold because that as lengthy as possible. If her freezer is full, it could not frozen items together effectively. Constantly leave enough space to move things around and discard old items the you won’t eat or have currently expired.

The coldest component of your freezer is in the center rear. This place is whereby we recommend placing your crab cakes to remain freezing and also last as lengthy as possible.

How lengthy Will Crab Cakes last In The Fridge/Freezer?

How long are crab cakes good for? Crab cakes will certainly last different durations in your refrigerator or freezer based on what state they were in when you inserted them there. Crab cakes that you have currently baked will certainly last much longer than life ones in both the fridge and also the freezer.

For a refrigerator, cooking crab cakes will certainly last three or four days, and also raw people will only last one or two days. In the freezer, crab cakes critical for 2 to 3 months if raw and four to 6 months if cooked.

How to Tell If her Frozen Crab Cakes Is Bad

Since crab cakes save seafood, it’s relatively easy come tell if they’ve spoiled. Every you should do is odor them. Crab has a details ocean smell, for this reason if there are any kind of foreign odors beyond that and also the ingredient you cooked castle with, the cakes have probably gone bad.

This smell can become an ext apparent when you’ve defrosted them, so we recommend law so before throwing lock away. When crab expires, it takes on a slimy texture, therefore if the cakes feeling greasier than as soon as you put them in the freezer, it can likewise be an indication the expiration.


What to perform With Frozen Crab Cakes

The ideal thing to execute with frozen crab cakes is to defrost them and also eat them as they are. Crab cakes space a pretty complicated snack and also don’t blend fine with many other foods. The reheating process is solid, and also you won’t have to worry around them being dry or lacking flavor.

To reheat crab cakes, very first use a brush come remove any kind of frost indigenous the cake. Overabundance ice will certainly melt and also make the cake too moist. Us recommend making use of the cooktop to reheat the cakes because it will keep their crispy external texture.

Place castle on a baking sheet through some parchment file and lightly add some butter to the optimal for extra flavor and also zest — preheat the oven to 400°F. Because that a s cake, girlfriend can cook it because that 16 come 18 minutes, and they’re good to go.

For frozen cakes, chef them for 15 minutes, then flip them end (give the a rapid squish through a spatula because that the ideal results), then cook it for an additional 5 come 10 minutes.

Other Recipes v Frozen Crab Cakes

Maybe you’re tired of eating standard crab cakes and also want to include some finesse to her meal. Shot these 2 recipes if you desire a crab cake through a little twist.

Crab Cake Sandwich

Everything is far better between two slices of bread through some vegetables and also condiments. To make a crab cake sandwich, take 2 soft piece of bread and smear them with Tartar sauce. Tartar sauce blends good with fried seafood and also will provide a wonderful flavor to your meal.

Then include lettuce and tomato slices because that a fresh and also sour enhancement to the sandwich. Finally, take it a cook crab cake or two and place castle on height of the lettuce, nearby the sandwich, and enjoy.

Crab Cake Quiche

Quiche is terrific because it blends well with countless different ingredients and also styles. For this crab cake quiche, all you’ll have to do is chop up your crab cake, mix it v some raw egg, and also pour it into the quiche crust. After ~ that, you can bake it and serve.

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Consider adding some spring onion come the Quiche to include some extra spices that will blend well v the buttery crab.


So, deserve to you frozen crab cakes? Yes, friend can, and also they’re delicious. Girlfriend don’t have to throw away that tray that appetizers. You can preserve it and also use them as a lovely side dish for your next household meal.

Remember the raw crab cakes taste better when thawed, and also avoid the microwave at every costs. We hope you reap these delicious snacks!