How Fast Does A Kx85 Go In Mph? 2021 Kawasaki Kx85 Review & Specs

How fast does a KX85 go in mph?

The top speed of a 2014 Kawasaki KX85 is estimated to be 80 mph, according to The bike has a six-speed transmission and an 84 cc two-stroke single engine.

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How fast does a 2021 KX 85 go?

Type – 2-stroke Single. Compression ratio – ow speed 10.9:1, high speed 9.0:1. Displacement – 84600 mm³.

How fast does a KX 500 2 Stroke go?

The Kawasaki KX 500 is a 499 cc (30.5 cu in) two-stroke single motocross motorcycle made by Kawasaki from 1983 until 2004….Kawasaki KX500.

Engine 499 cc (30.5 cu in) liquid-cooled two-stroke single
Bore / stroke 86 x 86mm
Compression ratio 8.4:1
Top speed How fast is a 85 2 stroke?

65 mph (Est.)

What is a KX 85 top speed?

Kawasaki KX85
Top Speed 60 mph
Horsepower 28.97 HP (21.6 KW)
Fuel System carburetor. keihin pwk28

How fast is a 85 2-stroke?

What age is the KX 85 for?

The Kawasaki KX 85s are highly tuned, competitive moto-crossers designed for children over 10 who possess intermediate to advanced skills. The KX85s come in two formats – The ‘small wheel’ version aimed at 10-13 year olds and the ‘standard wheel’ version for 13 yrs and older.

How much horsepower does a KX500 2 stroke have?

Performance and Transmission. The Kawasaki KX500 is able to generate a maximum power output of 65 horsepower (47.4 kilowatts). The KX500 has a top speed in excess of 120 mph, making it one of the faster motocross motorcycles yet produced.

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How fast does a yz125 2-stroke go?

YZ 125: This is Yamaha’s 2-stroke dirt bike and it has a top speed of around 70 miles per hour. It’s much quicker and faster than the TTR and that’s why it’s best suited for track racing.

How fast is 40cc 2-stroke in mph?

Despite their small size (about two feet high and weighing around 40 pounds), pocket bikes typically come equipped with 40cc engines, and can reach speeds up to 40 to 50 miles per hour.

Is a KX 85 a good starter bike?

To put a point on it, the KX85 is much, much faster. Kawasaki claims a 20-percent increase in peak power, and that seems accurate. If you aren’t familiar with the old KX85, you might need a little update. It was considered the most beginner friendly of the 85s.

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How much HP does a CR500 have?

the CR500 two-stroke pumps out approximately 55 horsepower, to the 50 horsepower of the CRF450. If you doubt those numbers, you will be convinced by turning the throttle wide open on both bikes. The CR500 explodes, while the CRF450 churns its way forward. In a test of sheer power, the CR500 wins.

How much HP does a KX500?


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