a)How are states represented in the house of to represent ? b) exactly how are states represented in the Senate?
a)period when the human body convenes exterior of the common legislative session. B)because the the presidents strength to call one
In what ways has the redistricting of house seats been used for the political obtain of details groups and also parties in the various states ?
Gerrymandering. They shape districts come the benefit of the politics party that controls it, literally. Lock (1) concentration the opposition"s voters in one or a few districts leaving various other districts as straightforward pickings because that the party or (2) they spread out the opposition together thinly as possible throughout districts limiting oppositions capacity to win any district.

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a)What room the constitutional qualifications that all members the the residence must meet? b) What space the unshened qualifications the members the the Hoise must meet?
a)1) must be at the very least 252) Must have been a U.S. Citizen for at the very least 7 years3) should be one inhabitant of the state from which that or she is electedb)(Vary) need to do with candidate"s vote acquiring qualities. Party identification, name, familiarity, gender, ethnic characteristics, and also political experience.
Senators are genarally larger and an ext experienced than representatives. Their much longer terms offer protection versus political pressures.
a)How do costituencies differ within the Senate? b)Which states senators have actually the biggest constituency ?
a)Constituencies are the people and interests that the senators represent. Normally these would certainly vary depending upon the senator.b)The state with the biggest population, which now is California
a) In what methods does the long six year term influence how senators poll ? b)How does this check the Framers intentions because that the Senate?
a)The six year ax affects just how Senators vote because it renders them much less subject to the pressures of public opinion and less vulnerable to the pleas of distinct interests than space the members of the House.b) an ext media huge picture
1) should be at the very least 30 years of age2) Must have been a U.S. Citizen for at lease nine years3) must be one inhabitant that the state indigenous which he or she is elected
a) when deciding exactly how to vote, what go a delegate consider? b) once deciding exactly how to vote, what walk a politico consider?
a)they would certainly vote the method they think the "folks ago home" would certainly voteb) they think about weather their an option will create a more balanced environment.

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Congress decides your "compensation". Salary: paid $162,000 a year. A few are paid more. Nonsalary compensations: tax deductions, generous take trip allowances, cheap life/health insurance.