How to Say ‘You’re Welcome!’ in PolishPosted through Anna ~ above Oct 4, 2008 in Culture, Vocabulary

Like I claimed in the comments to the ahead post, it’s official, I have actually the best readers ever! give thanks to you so much for all your kind words, and also even an ext – for your suggestions.

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Today’s article is influenced by a comment do by thomas in the short article below. Remember his difficulties with recognize the Polish equivalent to “you’re welcome”? i couldn’t believe what sort of nonsense he discovered in his dictionary, and also so I made decision to execute some googling of mine own and also see what I can come increase with.

While there are quite a couple of free on-line dictionary (which in my opinion space a better choice 보다 on-line translators), the one that I prefer the ideal is’s not just one dictionary, what Ling go is come compile answers come a query native every source in that is database. Or at least that’s just how I think the works.Knowing polishing is no really essential to usage the service. Just kind a native in (use the Polish letter they display you if the a polishing word), fight enter and then waddle through the multitude that results. Indigenous what i have seen, Ling additionally includes interpretations from the thesaurus that Thomas had actually mentioned – Ectaco, which personally, i have discovered to be less than perfect, to placed it gently. An extremely gently.

So exactly how do us say “you’re welcome!” in Polish? There are a pair of means to do it. Ling (if you have actually the patience to review through the definitions after you punch in “welcome” into the search box) gives these two:

Nie ma za co method something like “nothing come it” or “that’s nothing.”Proszę bardzo is the exact same as “please.”

Both are provided to answer once somebody’s thanking you, favor this:

Dziekuję bardzo! – give thanks to you so much!

Then I wanted to discover out if among these paragraph was much more popular than the other, and also so yesterday, I gained on the phone and also called ten random businesses and also administrative workplaces in Warsaw and beyond, and also asked a bunch of idiotic (but still plausible questions). I wanted the world to spend some time on looking for response to offer me a reason to give thanks to them profusely and then listen to their responses. Except one an extremely rude woman at a particular institution of higher learning in Warsaw, which due to the fact that I’m such a an excellent gal, shall continue to be nameless, that hung increase on me nearly immediately, anyone was extremely nice and helpful.

They patiently looked for a systems to my imagine problem and when I finally showered them v a slew that “dziekuję bardzo”, 5 responded v “nie ma za co”, two claimed “proszę bardzo”, one claimed “nie ma sprawy” (no problem) and one – “z przyjemnością” (with pleasure).

So, the conclusions?Poles are really conscientious when it concerns acknowledging somebody’s thanks and also use a variety of expression to do. And I definitely don’t prefer the Warsaw school of social Sciences and also Humanities. Their loss, since I to be seriously considering going ago to school. Because that real.

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On the various other hand, the an excellent ladies at the college of Warsaw to be super patient and also super polite. Ns spoke to two, one stated “nie ma za co” and also the other – “proszę bardzo”. So over there you have it.