How Do You Say Fabulous In Italian ? How To Say Fabulous In Italian

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When I speak English, I can be pretty dramatic.

I’ll be in a conversation saying things like

“That’s sooooooo amazing.”

“That’s incredible. How amazing!”

“How is that even possible? You’re freaking awesome.”

So naturally all of that enthusiasm would transfer over to how I want to speak Italian, but sometimes I can’t find a word strong enough to match what I really mean.

The solutions?

Be enthusiastic in a more Italian way.

Find new words.

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I choose both.


Below you’ll find 15 ways to say “That’s awesome!” in varying degrees in Italian.

— Che grande! – That’s great! (This is generally used to refer to something great that a person did, and is not used for things.)

Che bello! – That’s great!

Che fico! – That’s cool!

Fantastico! – Fantastic!

Incredibile – Incredible!

Sei davvero bravo! – You’re really great! (masculine)

Sei davvero brava! – You’re really great! (feminine)

Splendido! – Splendid!

Sei un mito. – You’re awesome. (Literally: You’re a legend.)

Sei una meraviglia. – You are a marvel.

Sei il massimo! – You’re the best! (awesome)

Sei magnifico! – You’re magnificent! (amazing)

Sei fantastico! – You’re fantastic! (amazing)

Sei una bomba! – You are a blast!

Sei spettacolare! / Spettacolare! – You are spectacular! / Spectacular!

Your task? Go tell an Italian how awesome they are.

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