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When ns speak English, I have the right to be pretty dramatic.

I’ll be in a conversation saying things like

“That’s sooooooo amazing.”

“That’s incredible. Exactly how amazing!”

“How is that even possible? you freaking awesome.”

So naturally every one of that enthusiasm would transport over to exactly how I desire to speak Italian, but sometimes i can’t uncover a word strong enough to enhance what ns really mean.

The solutions?

Be enthusiasm in a much more Italian way.

Find new words.

I select both.


Below you’ll discover 15 methods to speak “That’s awesome!” in varying levels in Italian.

— Che grande! – it is great! (This is normally used to describe something an excellent that a human being did, and also is not supplied for things.)

Che bello! – it is great!

Che fico! – that’s cool!

Fantastico! – Fantastic!

Incredibile – Incredible!

Sei davvero bravo! – You’re yes, really great! (masculine)

Sei davvero brava! – You’re really great! (feminine)

Splendido! – Splendid!

Sei un mito. – you’re awesome. (Literally: you’re a legend.)

Sei una meraviglia. – You room a marvel.

Sei il massimo! – she the best! (awesome)

Sei magnifico! – she magnificent! (amazing)

Sei fantastico! – she fantastic! (amazing)

Sei una bomba! – You are a blast!

Sei spettacolare! / Spettacolare! – You room spectacular! / Spectacular!

Your task? go tell one Italian how awesome lock are.

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