How Are You Doing In Korean, How Do You Say Hello! How Are You Doing

Asking how a person is doing, especially after quite some time of not seeing each other, is not just good manners. It’s also a great way to demonstrate your concern. That’s why, along with “hello” and “goodbye”, it’s also essential to learn how to ask “how are you” in Korean.

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In this article, you will learn not only how to say “how are you” in Korean but also how to respond to the question. There are plenty of ways to express this greeting, depending on levels of formality and intimacy.

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As mentioned in the article on how to say “hello” in Korean, 밥 먹었어요? (bap meogeosseoyo?) is a common greeting in Korea. While it literally means “did you eat?,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re asking if the other person has literally had food. Instead, it’s a way to show concern or interest in his or her well-being, and a way to ask “how are you” in Korean.

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You can answer this question with a simple 네 (ne, or yes) or 괜찮아요 (gwaenchanhayo, or I’m fine).

잘 잤어요? (jal-ja-sseo-yo?) – Did you sleep well?

In a similar vein, Koreans will also ask if you slept well as a way to find out how you’re doing. 자다 (jada) means “to sleep” so 잘 잤어요 (jal jasseoyo) literally means “did you sleep well?”

Imagine going on an overnight trip with co-workers or with friends. You can say this as soon as you see your co-worker or friend in the morning, almost like saying “good morning.”

Here are other forms of this greeting:

More responses to “how are you” in Korean

Now that you know the many ways to say “how are you” in Korean, as well as the common and basic responses, you can definitely carry a decent conversation with your Korean acquaintances and friends. How about learning more phrases that you can use as response to “how are you”?

That’s a lot of new Korean vocabulary for you! Now, get out there and start impressing your Korean friends!

If you want to advance in your Korean language learning journey, do check out our list of resources, which includes apps, online courses, books, podcasts, and online tutors. These should be more than enough to get you from clueless to fluent!

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