Have The Lowest First Ionization Energies Of The Groups Listed

have the lowest first ionization energies of the groups listed. Halogens Alkaline earth metals Transition elements Alkali metals
Consider the following electronegativity values: H = 2.1, CI = 3.0, F = 4.0 Which molecule below would you expect to have the more polar bond? HF HCI F2 CIZ
Which compound below is a nonpolar molecule AND has a linear molecular geometry? ОСНА BeCl2 ОН20 SCI2


The answers is Alkali metals

Alkali metal have only one electron in the outermost orbit andby losing it they get noble gas configuration. So they have lowestfirst ionization energy.

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Halogens requires one electron to complete the octet. So theyhave very high first I.E.

Alkaline earth metals two electrons in the outermost orbit. Sotheir first I.E. is more then that of alkali metals.

In transition elements d-sub shell is involved so more energythen the alkali metals needed to remove an electron


The answers is 6


There are 3 bonds means 6 bonded electrons.


The answer is HF.

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The electronegativity of Florine is more than that of Chlorine.Therefore HF is more polar than HCl.

The Cl2 and F2 are non-polar.(4)

The answer is


(Linear geometry)


has tetrahedral geometry


is bent


is bent

CH 4
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