Halo Bassinest Vs Arms Reach Co Sleeper Bassinet For Your Newborn

I want to have my baby right next to me while sleeping, but I want him safely in his own bed (I”m not worried about me hurting him as I don”t move in my sleep, but I am afraid of him somehow falling off, and I can”t put him in the middle of the bed because I don”t trust my partner not to move in his sleep).

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Does anyone have any experience in these or another brand? Which is better for co-sleeping?

We purchased a swaddle me by your bed cosleeper. It is a lot like the halo but a lot less expensive. My sister in law is currently borrowing it for her son. They said it works great. They love having the baby so close. It is from Buy Buy Baby.

I used the mini arm”a reach for two babies, and really liked it. They were able to sleep in it until six or seven months old, so we definitely got good use out of it.

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We used like 3 amazon gift cards and extra money from returning shower gifts to get the Halo! It”s spendy I know but honestly it”s the best thing ever! You can just swing it out if you need to get out of bed and it”s big too so we kept our son in there for the 1st 6 months! He was swaddled and didn”t roll over at night. But I would highly recommend!

I love arms reach! Actually bought one for my first son 14 years ago and loved it! He was right next to me but not in my bed and super easy to nurse at night without having to get up. It”s the only thing I saved from my first pregnancy and have hauled it around on many different moves. Have already got it out and set up for my little one I”m expecting.

Loved the Halo with our first and am excited to sue it again with this little guy. It was so nice being able to swivel her out of the way without disturbing her in the middle of the night. It is very sturdy and I like the simplicity of it.

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I also loved the Halo and will be using it again with this baby. The swivel feature really helps when I want to get out of bed and don”t want to disturb the baby. I don”t have experience with the arms reach but I”m sure either choice will be fine 🙂



FTM and trying to finish registry..Bassinet? Was looking at halo or arms reach co sleeper.Swing / bouncer? Was looking at mamaroo or a graco swing. I have also heard some people get more than one and get a swing and bouncer?Pack and play? Any…



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