I had Forerunner 225 which passed away after 3 years. So usually I desire a running watch (GPS enabled). Ns never/rarely used the smartwatch function. So right scenario is

Sleep tracking

Activity Tracking (steps and elevation)

GPS jogging/running


No smartwatch functions

Maximum battery life

I have read reviews yet I wanted some first hand experience/reviews.

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Any entry is appreciated.

UPDATE: purchase Forerunner 35


Why not go for the Forerunner 235 again? I had read the Amazon has actually a stock of refurb devices at a great discount for black Friday.

Sounds come me favor the Vivoactive 3 is more what she looking for, or if she going because that Fitbit, the Ionic. I’ve had both. The Ionic was good but it was so ugly, ns couldn’t store it.

I have actually the VA3 and my wife has a versa. She is quite inactive therefore only uses it come track her bike rides yet the gps is actually done through her phone. She wanted it because that notifications and also sleep tracking. Because that those, it’s to be great.

For fitness, Garmin is hands down the better of the two. I love data and it gives you so much data. Ns run, trail run, bike and also sometimes pat sports. It functions well for all of those.

The sleep tracking is waaayyyy better on a Fitbit though. Like, hands down. So depending on how important that is to you, hope one functions out because that you.

I had a versa because that a month and returned it. I acquired a smaller garmin however vastly prefer the GPS and all the data native running.

i had actually the 230. Once it obtained damaged i gained a 35. It's great. Does everything i provided from the 230. Every little thing you list. No problems. Battery lasts, ns dunno, multiple days. Perhaps a little under a week? i've not retained track, yet it appears to rarely need charging (and climate charges quickly while i'm functioning at my desk).

I had actually a Blaze because that 2 years before the Fenix 5 I have now. In my experience the HR sensor top top the Blaze to be wildly inaccurate compared to the Garmin. There were countless many times the it just didn't have actually a reading, which ultimately prompted me to update it.

Now as soon as I operation on the treadmill (nearly daily), my Garmin is in ~ 2 beats of the hand sensors - I know those are very accurate bc it's checking the pulse from both hands.

Do you usage Android or iOS? Fitbit has an extremely unreliable syncing Android. I've had actually zero syncing concerns with my Garmin. If you're on Android, I would certainly take this into consideration.

The Versa is a fitness tracker with a nice screen and also some smartwatch features. It can track running/cycling yet relies on the general practitioners in her phone, the does not have built-in GPS. I use it day come day since it’s great for fitness and also sleep tracking/silent alarms, it’s slim, and also the battery big multiple days unlike the apologize Watch.

When ns go the end for a run, I placed on a Garmin (previously Fenix 3, then 735xt, currently Fenix 5s). Castle are lot much far better tools for running 보다 the Fitbit in my opinion. To be ethical the only reason i don’t wear a Garmin all the moment is the I discover them usually to be an ext bulky and less attractive, and also I miss the far better notification assistance of the Fitbit. The Garmin 645 looks favor it’s obtaining pretty close to an ideal watch because that day come day fitness tracking, notifications and running though...

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Anyway, if tracking runs and rides is the emphasis here, and also considering you currently mentioned friend don’t an especially care about smartwatch features, climate I would take nice much any type of Garmin over the Versa. Ns don’t understand the 35 personal so ns don’t recognize if it have the right to track rides, however definitely the 235 and also up would certainly be a good option.