Craftman Garage Door Motor Hums But Does Not Open, Opener Hums, Won&#39T Open Door

When you find that your garage door motor is making a humming noise but not opening and closing, it typically means that it has gone off track or needs some sort of small adjustment. Because it hums when you try to open it, the battery is working properly. In order to get it back up and running again, here are a few tools that you will need along with some steps that can help you through the process.

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Step 1 – Assess the Problem

The first thing that you need to do is decide what kind of problem you”re dealing with. Typically, you will find that your door is off track or that the spring is broken. Begin by looking at your manual and going through the installation steps. This can help you look at the important aspects of the garage door so you know what to focus on to find a problem. Once you know what the problem may be, move on to the appropriate step to fix it.

Step 2 – Get the Door Back on Track

If you find that the door has moved off track, and this is the reason why it is humming but not moving at all, you will most likely need someone to help you. there are several reasons why this could have happened, but usually, it may have simply slipped out, it went up slightly crooked once, or the weather may have caused it to become uneven when it closed. No matter the reason, you can typically fix it with the help of a friend to straighten it out with you. Gently move one side and then the other to see if it falls back into track. Usually, you will just need a gentle push to realign it. If this solves the problem, stand there and test out the door a few times to make sure that whatever caused it to go off track in the first place is no longer happening.

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Step 3 – Check the Springs

Many times the problem lies within the springs of the system. If you installed the garage door yourself, this may be why you are having problems. The springs need to be put in a certain way so that they continue to work and allow the door to move up and down and catch it smoothly. When one spring is working and another isn”t, it may cause the garage door to hum without moving. Check each spring to make sure that it isn”t damaged and is set in the right spot. Adjusting or replacing one of these springs could really make a big difference.

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If you find that you have gone through the manual and these steps and still don”t have an idea why your garage door doesn”t work, then you should contact a professional. They will be able to help you without causing any more damage to the system.

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