Fruits That Start With The Letter K (10 Words), Fruits That Start With K (10 Words)

Fruits That Start With K – In K letter, fruits name have found many fruits such as kabosu, kaffir lime, kahikatea, kakadu plum and karonda fruit.If you want to knowwhats fruits that start with K, you can see in the list below with they pictures and some short explanations.

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Kabosu fruit scientific name is Citrus Sphaerocarpa. Kabosu are popular citrus in Japan because they are used for many things in Japan such as to flavor fish, used for making soup, salad dressing and more.Kabosu is a juicy citrus fruit closely related to Yuzu but often confused with similar citrus such as Sudachi.In Japan, kabosu grown fresh commercially and are also sold as bottled juice and other packaged foods.Kabosu juice is rich in sourness, with a unique fragrance and used with sashimi, grilled fish, ponzu for hot pot, and also used as a vinegar alternative for Japanese dishes.


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Kaffir lime fruit scientific name is Citrus hystix. Kaffir lime fruit tree is a tree native to South Asia like Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines.Kaffir lime fruit and leaves are widely used in Southeast Asian cuisine to add fragrance and adding an aromatic.South Asian people also use kaffir lime juice as shampoo and they believed it”s can kill head lice.Kaffir lime also known with a name : Jeruk limau, Cabuyao, kaffer, makrut lime, kabuyaw and kulubot.Kaffir limes are unique to common limes in their shape, texture, fragrance and flavor. Kaffir limes is rough, pebbled and filled with essential oils that give the lime its special aroma. The juice is extremely tart and often bitter, thus it is seldom used in cooking.


Kahikatea fruit scientific name is Dacrycarpus dacrydioides. Kahikatea fruit tree is a tree native to New Zealand and can be found in lowland forest and wetlands in North and South Insland.Kahikatea tree can grows up to 55 metre with trunk diameter exceeding 1 metre.Kahikatea tree sometimes called as dinosaur trees because this tree existed alongside the dinosaurs during the Jurassic period.The fleshy aril or koroi of kahikatea was an important food resource for Maori, and was served at feasts in great amounts.Until 1970s, Kahikatea was used for boat building up because of its long straight lengths, is clean and lightweight.


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