Franklin Mint Chess collection of the god Throughout the history, the Franklin Mint has actually been recognized for creating luxury execution of several chess sets, but none is more exquisite 보다 their Chess collection of the Gods. Designed by globally acclaimed artist Stuart note Feldman, this collection features playing pieces in porcelain with 24K yellow accents showing several Greek and also Roman gods. What's amazing is the the playing pieces have been paired up, through black piece representing roman gods and white pieces representing their Greek counterparts. Because that example, Jupiter is magestic together the roman King playing piece while Zeus commands the opposing collection of white Greek pieces, Aphrodite vs. Venus, Hermes vs. Mercury, Griffins vs. Eagles (pawns) etc. Even the rooks have actually been combine up, through each representing different architectural columns! all names are marked underneath through brass plates. Most of the pieces are around 5 inches high (the rooks and also pawns space slightly smaller at 3.5" in height), the majesties are 6.5" high. The quality and detail is impeccable. It's like having actually a miniature museum exhibit. Presented by Franklin Mint in 1988. Famed Greek god of mythology in white bisque vs roman inn gods in rare black porcelain. Both political parties trimmed in 24 karat gold. External inspection marble chessboard/case measures 21 x 21 inches. Beautiful carved wood and gilded trim. This magnificient set sold for over $1,200.00 once released. That is long retired and will proceed to boost in price and also rarity. Ns bought this set brand-new from Franklin Mint and it has been stored because that 20 yrs. (only been played a couple of times). Chess collection and plank in near perfect, mint condition with 2 exceptions: part minor repairs on Artemis (very unnoticable). Neptune is absent tips top top trident. (Theses pieces deserve to be purchased individually in ebay stores because that under $100.00 if you desire to make the collection absolutely perfect). Best for the mythology enthusiast and chess connoisseur. Delivery is based upon weight and also we package really securely to ensure safe arrival. Please use the shipping calculator listed below for exact shipping costs to her location. Us Ship Worldwide. This collection is listed in ebay stores between $999.99 and $1,200.00. As in every our auctions, t is No to make reservation . Be sure to include me to your favorites perform ! and also check out my various other items !The cost-free listing tool.

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