Help!!! Flight Of The Bat Lego Batman : The Videogame, The Joker&#39S Return

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Hero Episode 3. The Joker”s Return

Chapter 1. Joker”s Home Turf

Super Hero

Story ModeFree Play
60,000 110,000

Avoid the green goo on the floor and smash your way through the gate ahead, on the other side are some Joker goons. After you”ve taken out the ones that run up to you you”ll want to throw a batarang at the ones shooting at you from afar. Also use your batarang to hit the glowing objects above them, this will knock down the platform and give you the bricks to build an Attract Suit Swapper for Robin.

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Smash objects around the area to get the required 25 bricks for the Attracto Canister on the left. Filling that up will get you a vehicle that can suck up the toxic waste if you drive over it. Drive to the right over the large patch of goo to find some more Joker goons.

After defeating them smash the objects next to the tank at the far end so you reveal some bricks to build a couple of handholds. Jump up the handholds and grapple to the top. Build the Glide Suit Swapper and have Batman put it on. I”d recommend continuing to pick up the loose LEGO bricks as you go for later.

Jump down to the left to build a cap for the green steam being vented. Move along to the left to build a second cap and then glide over the next gap. Straight away you can build a tightrope to help Robin over.

Climb up the ladder and have both characters grab onto the little handholds to knock the large barrels free so they smash through the roof.

Minikit 1/10Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No


To the left of the hole you smash through the roof are some Silver LEGO canisters you can use explosives to blow up. Build a fan out of the bricks to blow you upwards into the Minikit.

Jump down into the hole and beat up the goons inside before smashing through the gate on the left side.

Shove the crate along its path and off the end down onto the toxic waste below. Glide over to the left side to a second crate which you”ll also need to push off. Glide down off this platform towards the screen to avoid the toxic waste and join the fight with the Joker goons.

Minikit 2/10Requires: Electric Buzzer, High JumpStory Mode: No


Use The Joker”s electric buzzer to shock the generator on the left side of the massive puddle of toxic waste to drop down a ladder. Climb it and then high jump up to a handhold to get the Minikit in the little room above.

Minikit 3/10Requires: Hypnosis, Heat Protection, ExplosivesStory Mode: No


Use hypnosis to get through the guard post on the left side of the area. Time to start fixing pipes. First push the pipe end along the checkered path so that it lines up with the curved pipe. Then smash the objects next to the next bit of the pipe to reveal some red hot parts. Switch to the Heat Protection Suit to repair those parts.

Blow up the Silver LEGO crates on the left side and repair the last part of the pipes. Wait for a moment as it all moves into position and explodes, leaving the Minikit for you to collect.

Gather up enough loose LEGO to fill the Attracto Canister at the bottom of the staircase, this will build a large cannon that will fire some bombs at the door to blow it up. Now you can get back to the earlier section to drive the goo sucking machine again. Bring it inside to clear up the massive puddle of goo.

Minikit 4/10Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes


If you collect all of the toxic waste, that includes the stuff that was at the very start of the level, then the canister on the back of the machine will be completely filled up and you”ll see the machine on the far right side of the starting area open up. Drive the machine over there and park it in the cage to get the Minikit.

Now that the goo is gone you can assemble the bricks that fell out of the crates you pushed off the platforms. Pull both levers to go through the door to the next area.

Defeat the goons that attack, ignore the bullets coming from above. In Free Play you can blow up the Silver LEGO to build a ladder to get up to them.

Minikit 5/10Requires: Technology SuitStory Mode: No


At the back of the start of this area is a purple hazy section, use Robin”s Technology Suit to take control of the crane arm and use it to pick up the bombs from the back left corner and drop them on each of the three large cones that are spewing out the gas.

Once all three are gone the gas will clear and the door on the left side will open. Go inside and build the remains of the cones into two plungers for both characters to stand on at the same time, opening the cage at the back so you can get the Minikit inside it.

Go up the steps on the right side to defeat a few more goons who didn”t bother to join the fight. Push the two crates off the side and then go to the back and glide over to a third crate which you also need to push off. From the bricks they drop you can build a forklift.

Drive the forklift to the right and smash through some Silver LEGO barrels, this will give you the parts to build a ladder. You can also smash through some more Silver LEGO towards the screen to get the parts to finish off a second forklift.

Ignore the ladder for the moment, instead keep going to the right. Smash the objects in the path and build a small platform to stand on on the wall. This will turn off the green gas above.

Minikit 6/10Requires: Hazard ProtectionStory Mode: No


Jump into the toxic waste pool just after the gas switch and pull the lever. The Minikit will appear in the tube on the right.

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Now Batman can go up the ladder and continue to the right, gliding over the gap and standing on another paddle to turn off the gas below. Jump down and beat up the goons.

Drive a forklift further to the right to smash through some more Silver LEGO barrels. They”ll give up the bricks to a spinner switch which will won”t immediately work. You”ll first need to jump to the handhold at the back and jump over the goo to the left to assemble a nozzle above.

Now the spinner will work, push it to move the nozzle to the right before jumping back up the handhold and pulling the lever to fill the second pool with goo to make the platforms float. Jump over those newly floating platforms, down onto a black and yellow striped platform and then glide to the right onto some handholds. Pull the lever at the top to raise the bridge below.

Jump down to defeat the goons below and then drive a forklift over the newly raised bridge. Take it all the way to the right onto a large orange plate which will cause a platform to start moving.

Get onto the lift to ride it up to a few more goons.

Minikit 7/10Requires: Strength, High JumpStory Mode: No


Go to the left after the lift and use strength to open a gate. Defeat the goons behind there and build the handholds. High jump up to the handhold and then across to the opposite side and up to the top where the Minikit is hiding.

Minikit 8/10Requires: Glide or Hazard ProtectionStory Mode: Yes


To the right of the lift you”ll see a green ladder going down. Jump down it and use the barrels to cross the toxic goo water to find the Minikit on the right.

Going to the right from the lift beat up the henchmen around the corner and go through the red tunnel.

Red Brick – Freeze BatarangRequires: Freeze Ray, High Jump, Sonic SuitStory Mode: No


To the left in this new area is some green water with freezable sections. Freeze them and high jump up to the left. Sonic Suit through the glass at the back and solve the puzzle.

You”ll need to pull the red and the blue levers to fill the purple pipe on the left. Then pull the yellow and the blue to fill the green pipe in the middle. And finally pull the red and the yellow levers to fill the orange pipe. Once all three are sorted the Red Brick will appear.

Go right and use your batarang to hit the six glowing red canisters in the air. Build the Magnet Suit Swapper and put it on to walk up the metal on the right. Build the object and push it along the track.

Glide over the partially extended bridge and defeat the Joker henchmen on the other side. Assemble the LEGO bricks to finish the bridge so that Robin can get over as well.

Minikit 9/10Requires: Electric BuzzerStory Mode: No


At the far right end use the Joker”s buzzer to power the generator and ride the elevator up. Push on the spinner switch to drain the righthand pool of goo and reveal the Minikit.

Hostage 9/25Requires: Electric BuzzerStory Mode: No


The hostage is also found up here at the back.

At the right end walk up the metal and push on the spinner switch to open the garage door. Head through to face off against Mad Hatter.

Hit him a couple of times and he”ll run off through a door. He should then appear in the upper area and stand on one of the two trapdoors at the front. Glitch warning: several times I have had it where he did not appear in the upper area after going through the doors. The only solution appears to be to restart the level, not a big problem if it happens in Free Play but very annoying in Story Mode.

Minikit 10/10Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: Yes


On the right side of the room are some Silver LEGO canisters. Blow them up to find the Minikit behind them, you can get the Mad Hatter to blow them up.

Go to the right side of the area and Magnet walk up the metal. Stand on the catwalk to knock it down so that Batman can join you in standing on the dual buttons up here too. Doing so will drop the Mad Hatter into the toxic waste.

Mad Hatter will jump down, when you approach him you”ll be stopped by his hypnotic powers. Immediately switch to the other character and quickly punch him while the first character is being mesmerised. Repeat for a second hit.

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Now smash the green barrels near the entrance and repair the lift to ride it up. Stand on one of the two red circles and wait for your teammate to join you. Once you”re both on there the left trapdoor will open and drop the Mad Hatter into the toxic waste below him. One simple hit will finish him off.

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