Fire Emblem Path Of Radiance Occult Abilites, How Do U Use Occult On Ike

I'm replaying path of radiance right now. I was wondering what everyone's opinions of occult scroll usage was. I automatically give one to Ike, what should I do with the other three?


I tend to give mine to Ike and whoever paladins I use. Sol's great for minimizing the need to heal your frontliners

What do you think about using a Hawk so I can give it cancel? I'm really only using Oscar as a paladin, because I don't like the other paladin's personalities (I guess Titania's OK)

Volke if you're using him – flat out 50% chance of killing enemies. Otherwise I just give them to my favourites. Also Astra is cool.

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No one's said deadeye on Rolf yet? I always thought that was a must. Admittedly he just ends up killing people anyway, but it looks cool and can help you out in a pinch.

Well the accuracy boost is meh since Snipers (and most units in FE9) have 100% (or very close to it) hit rates against all enemies anyway. The sleep effect won't really do much since like you said, they'll most likely die before the sleep effect even takes place.

Other than to give Ike Aether, I find that Occult scrolls aren't really that helpful. Most mastery skills are meh in Path of Radiance.

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Sol is probably the most useful one after Aether since it keeps your Paladins alive longer (since they can heal even when it's during the enemy's turn). And I guess maybe Cancel (analog to Radiant Dawn's Pavise) for your Hawks?

Gatrie, Kieran, Titania, Oscar, Astrid (After 20/20), Makalov and Volke get decent skills and have nothing better. Mastery skills in FE9 are generally kinda lame though, especially since the English version doesn't have a proper difficulty.

EDIT: Boyd and Largo's skill is kinda cool too and gives you something to do with those Statue Frags.

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