an expanse of open up or cleared ground, specifically a piece of land suitable or provided for pasture or tillage.

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Sports. (in betting) all the contestants or numbers that are grouped together as one: to bet on the area in a equine race. (in football) the players on the playing ground. the area in which field occasions are hosted.
a spbelow of activity, interest, and so on., particularly within a particular service or profession: the field of teaching; the field of Shakespearean scholarship.
the area or area drawn on or serviced by a organization or profession; outlying areas where organization tasks or operations are carried on, as opposed to a house or branch office: our representatives in the field.
Military. the scene or location of active armed forces operations. a battleground. a battle.Informal. an area located away from the headquarters of a commander.
the surface of a canvas, shield, etc., on which something is portrayed: a gold star on a field of blue.
Physics. the affect of some agent, as electrical energy or gravitation, taken into consideration as existing at all points in space and identified by the pressure it would certainly exert on an object inserted at any point in room.Compare electric area, gravitational field, magnetic field.
Also called field of check out. Optics. the entire angular expanse visible via an optical instrument at a offered time.
Electricity. the framework in a generator or motor that produces a magnetic field approximately a rotating armature.
Mathematics. a number device that has the exact same properties family member to the operations of enhancement, subtractivity, multiplication, and also department as the number device of all genuine numbers; a commutative division ring.
Psychology. the complete complex of interdependent determinants within which a psychological event occurs and is perceived as developing.
Computers. one or even more connected personalities treated as a unit and constituting part of a document, for functions of input, handling, output, or storage by a computer: If the hours-operated area is blank or zero, the program does not create a examine for that employee. (in a punch card) any kind of variety of columns on a regular basis used for recording the same information.

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Television. one half of the scanning lines required to develop a finish television framework. In the U.S., 2 fields are presented in 1/30 second: all the odd-numbered lines in one area and all the even lines in the following area.Compare frame (def. 9).
Fox Hunting. the team of participants in a hunt, exclusive of the understand of foxhounds and his staff.
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