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Rules, regulations, and schedules often changes. This overview is to serve as a referral and also constantly make sure to confirm that each ferry permits pets and also confirm their plan. It is important to remember that each nation has its own collection of requirements for import and also export of animals. You should strictly adbelow to the timeline, vaccinations, documentation, and proper protocol. When traveling via pets it is incredibly crucial to make a reservation in breakthrough to guarantee space for both you + your pet.

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Florida to Grand also Bahama:

By Fast Ferry – The Balearia Bahamas Express uses round-expedition fast ferry company in between Port Everglades and Grand also Bahama Island also. Visit for bookings and also more indevelopment.

Departs: Port Everglades everyday at 8:00 AM on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and SundaysArrival Grand Bahama Island: 11:00 AMDecomponents Grand Bahama Island also (Freeport): 7:00 PM

To accessibility the ship, all animals must have a reservation and have actually derived a boarding pass, whether traveling in kennels provided and equipped by Baleària Caribbean on the ship or in their own pet kennel or carrier. Pets will be charged as an additional passenger. Please, call Baleària Caribbean to confirm the prices.

At this time, Baleària Caribbean just allows dogs on board. Dogs under 6 months of age are not enabled to travel. While on board, all dogs should be carried in their own approved pet carriers or restrained by a harness and leash, and never on the passenger seat. Owners are also asked for to encertain that their pet does not bvarious other other passengers.

During the crossing:

Dog would certainly need a kennel and also muzzle in the time of the expedition.

Small dogs (much less than 11 lbs.) Throughout the crossing, they will certainly be located on the deck or in the area shown by the crew.

Large dogs (over 11 lbs.) Must travel in a kennel; these are easily accessible on the ship for your convenience. Kennels are set up on the deck, appropriately ventilated and situated in a suitable area, defended from rain and also cold (except in the instance of “organization dogs” which might reprimary in the passenger area). While on board, out of the kennel, all dogs must be restrained by a harness and also leash.

Pet owners are compelled to sign a liability waiver develop releasing Baleària Caribbean of all responsibilities that might aincrease for the injury or fatality of an animal throughout travel.

Baleària Caribbean reserves the best to refuse to transport an pet for factors understood correct, such as: condition of a pet or an animal that demonstrates aggressive or violent habits.

Pet documentation

To enter the Bahamas, pets need to travel via the appropriate papers. Pets must have actually a valid record certifying that it has actually been vaccinated against rabies within not much less than 1 month and not more than 10 months before import for the 1-year vaccine. For the 3-year vaccine, it have to be within no much less than 1 month and also no even more than 3 years prior to import to the Bahamas.

All pets should have actually a Veterinary Health Certificate presented within 2 days of arrival in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas prior to a licensed veterinarian for an examination. An import permit is compelled from the Ministry of Agrisociety, Trade and Indusattempt for all pets brought right into the Republic of The Bahamas.

Florida to Cuba:

The USA has actually announced that it will certainly enable ferry organization from Miami to Cuba. At leastern four ferry service providers (Havana Ferry Partners, Baja Ferries, United Caribbean Lines Florida, and also Airline Brokers Co.) have been approved. Travel by ferry to Cuba is still undergoing logistical planning and also individual transfer policies consisting of pets.

Cuba does not quarantine healthy pets that meet the following requirements:Proof of existing rabies vaccination administered at leastern 30 days and also not even more than 12 months before enattempt.Veterinary Certificate for Cuba completed by a licensed veterinarian shortly prior to enattempt. Although it is not required, we recommend that a USDA or CFIA licensed veterinarian complete the APHIS Form 7001 and also you have it endorsed by the USDA or CFIA if traveling from the USA or Canada. If you are traveling from an additional country, the Governing Authority responsible for the import and also export of animals must endorse the forms.A copy of the Rabies Certificate have to likewise be included for endorsement.


Bahamas Ferries has actually auto and passenger solutions from the funding Nassau to desticountries on Eleuthera, Exumas, Abacos, and Andros. Quick everyday ferry solutions take a trip between Nassau and also many of the main islands. The major relations are:

NAS – NassauSPW – Spanish WellsHBI – Harbour Island3IS – Three Island also DockGHB – Governor’s HarbourCUR – CurrentSIMMS – SimmsGT – George TownFCK – Fresh CreekFPO – FreeportSAT – South Abaco Terminal

Turks + Caicos. There are a number of alternatives concerning domestic ferry services in the Turks and also Caicos Islands. The Dale Marie is a weekfinish ferry between Bottle Creek in North Caicos and Center Caicos. The Buccaneer is a ferry in between Grand Turk and Salt Cay. TCI Ferry Service is a ferry service in between Walkin Marina Leeward on Providenciales and also Sandy Point Marina on North Caicos. It is best to examine current timetables and pricing in breakthrough.

Cayman Islands: Private boats run from Caymale Brac to Little Cayguy on a fairly regular basis. Operators charge $20(USD) each method for the 25 minute pilgrimage. While tbelow is ferry organization on Grand Cayman, it is provided just to connect Rum Point and North Sound. The expedition takes about 40 minutes each means and departs from the Grand Cayguy Beach Suites hotel on Seven Mile Beach.

Anguilla – Saint Martin. Seaonally, ferries operated by the Anguilla Ferry System run between the islands of Anguilla and Saint Martin. They leave everyday between 7:00am and also 7:00pm about eexceptionally 20 minutes between Blowing Point (Anguilla) and Marigot on the French component of St. Maarten/St. Martin.

Getting to Anguilla using ferry organization from Dutch St. Maarten and French St. Martin is basic and tright here are several alternatives. The Anguilla Ferry System supplies a daytime organization between Mariobtained (French St. Martin) and also Blowing Point in Anguilla. The ferry runs eextremely day in 45 minute intervals. Anguilla to Marigot hours are from 7:30am to 6:15pm and Marigained to Anguilla hrs are from 8:15am to 7:00pm. The price each means is $20 usd per adult and $15 usd per child.

Private Anguilla ferries via company to and also from the brand-new Anguilla Ferry terminal at the Princess Juliana Airport in Dutch St. Maarten are: GB Express, The Link, Funtime, and also MV Shauna. Prices differ from US $60 one means and up.

To French and also Dutch St. Martin/St. Maarten, defense taxation leaving Anguilla is US$3. Onward departure taxes from Anguilla are US $20 p/p; and US$5 p/p (for a day pilgrimage only) for adults and children 12 years and over. Keep in mind that to the Dutch side just tbelow is a second port taxation added.

Consult the Anguilla Tourist Board website for up-to-day schedules and also information on exit taxes.

Anguilla – Sint Maarten. Although longer than travel to Saint Martin, tbelow is service between Anguilla and also Sint Maarten straight. Ferries take a trip in between Blowing Point in Anguilla and Philipsburg in Sint Maarten.

Saint Martin – Saint Barthélemy. There are possibilities to go by ferry from Saint Martin to Saint Barthélemy. The MV Voyager travels two times daily between Mariacquired to Gustaby means of.

Sint Maarten – Saint Barthélemy. The MV Voyager travels daily and on Wednesdays and Sundays twice everyday (one in the morning and one in the early on evening in between Oyster Pond and Gustathrough. The Edge travels to Gustavia leaves from Pelican Marina in Dutch St. Maarten and also uses a take a trip alternative.

The Voyager connects St. Martin / St. Barth / St. Maarten via a number of departures day-to-day. According to Voyager’s pet plan – Pets are welcome on board after agreement by Voyager. Dog breeds classified according to the pertinent legislations and also regulations as dangerous are not enabled on board.In particular cases the onboard personnel may impose particular limitations (leash or muzzle or box). Laws and also regulations may call for a valid vaccicountry and also wellness to be checked prior to exit by the passenger and also Voyager cannot be responsible for such a instance. Make certain to recognize around the contract of carriage and/or please call Voyager for more indevelopment prior to departure.

Sint Maarten – Saba. The MV Dawn II supplies travel between Philipsburg on Sint Maarten and also Fort Bay on Saba. Crossings are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, leaving Saba in the morning and returning from Sint Maarten in the late afternoon. The Edge Ferry, departing Pelihave the right to Marina in St. Maarten on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and also Sunday, returning from Saba later that day. It takes around 90 minutes take a trip time on The Edge Ferry compared to over 2 hours on the Dawn II.

BLUES & BLUES, LTD. ~ Mutty’s Pride Saba C-Transport, N.V. is proud to announce our alliance via Blues & Blues, LTD., a creative shipping company which opeprices the Mutty’s Pride that is based in Port de Galisbay, Saint Martin. Blues & Blues, LTD. specializes in shipping containers, vehicles, hefty cargo, and LCL of frozen, chilled and also dry goods. The Mutty’s Pride travels from Saint Martin to Saba eexceptionally Wednesday providing consistant and reliable organization to Saba on a weekly basis.

Dominican Republic. Tright here are numerous domestic solutions to take in the Dominican Republic. One of those is in between Samana and Sabana de la Mar. Boat and ferry business within the Dominideserve to Republic is limited, but, tourists in Samaná or Sabana del Mar will be happy to understand that a daily ferry company runs in between the two places. Those looking to explore national parks and also islands off of the coastline of the Dominican Republic will be able to secure boat and also ferry company to areas such as Saona Island also, off the southeastern shore of the island also, for $40(USD) to $100(USD).

Dominideserve to Republic. Puerto Rico. America Cruise Ferries has been transporting passengers in between the 2 locales given that April of 2011, and sees continuous gains in popularity that save the vessel afloat. Trips begin at $139(USD) round trip, and last between eight and also twelve hrs.

Jamaica: Internationwide services are non-existent yet tbelow is the alternative of taking a ferry in between select coastal towns/cities in the country. One choice is to board a ferry from Kingston to Port Royal. Tbelow is also a ferry between Port Antonio and also Navy Island.

Haiti: Tbelow are several residential ferries traveling in between the mainland also of Haiti and also several islands off the coastline. Services incorporate those to and also from the resources Port-au-Prince and also Jérémie and also between Cote des Arcadins and Ile de la Gonave.

Puerto Rico – USA Virgin Islands. There is a rapid ferry in between Fajarcarry out in Puerto Rico and St. John and St. Thomas in the USA Virgin Islands.

Saint Kitts and also Nevis. The MV Caribe Queen, MV Carib Breeze and MV Carib Surf, the MV Geronimo, and also the MV Sea Hustler run between islands. Crossings take around 45 minutes and also carry out an excellent means of travelling in between the funding Basseterre on Saint Kitts and Charlestvery own, the ‘capital’ of Nevis.

USVI. Passenger ferries operate in between St. Thomas (Red Hook & Charlotte Amalie) and also St. John (Cruz Bay). Car ferry service is easily accessible in between Redhook, St. Thomas and also Cruz Bay, St. John. The Water Island also Ferry travels in between Crown Bay, St. Thomas and Water Island, call Water Island Ferry (340) 690-4159 for details on solutions. There is also a ferry in between Christiansted, St. Croix and Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas. Contact VI Seatrans for more indevelopment about schedules and prices.

USVI – BVI. There are ferry solutions in between St. Thomas (Charlotte Amalie and Red Hook) and Tortola (West End and also Road Town). Contact Road Tvery own Quick Ferry for choices. Speedy’s opeprices ferries in between Virgin Gorda and also St Thomas, occasionally through Tortola. There are around 4 or 5 sailings in each direction in between Cruz Bay, St. John (USVI) and also West End, Tortola (BVI). In enhancement, ferry operators offer a business in between St. Thomas (Red Hook and also Charlotte Amalie) and Virgin Gorda. Inter Island also Boat Service (340) 776-6597 is the ferry organization to call for even more indevelopment. Click Virgin Island also Schedules.

British Virgin Islands. Tright here are numerous ferries supplying services in between the British Virgin Islands via many relations on a day-to-day basis. Smith’s Ferry, North Sound Express, Speedy’s and New Horizon Ferry are the operators that offer the most choices and also paths.

Antigua to Barbuda. The ferry takes 1.5 hour and the ferry decomponents at 8:30am on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from Saint John’s, getting here at River Dock, Barbuda. The rerotate business from Barbuda decomponents at 3:15pm on the exact same days. On Tuesdays and also Fridays the organization decomponents Antigua at 4:45pm and also retransforms the complying with day from Barbuda at 6:30pm. For more information examine the Barbuda Express webwebsite.

Antigua – Montserrat. The Antigua to Montserrat Ferry frequently runs 1-2 times per day. It decomponents the port in St John’s daily at both 9am and 7pm (on Sun, Weds, Fri), 6pm (Tues, Thurs) and also 7pm on Sat. The cost is EC$150 each way, tickets are bought at the port. The Montserrat to Antigua ferry decomponents Little Bay at 6.30am and 4.30pm.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Tbelow is an Inter Island also ferry in between several of the major islands of Saint Vincent and also the Grenadines. Four ferries operate in between the islands of Saint Vincent, Bequia, Canouan, Mayreau and Union Island. Passengers traveling to these islands are serviced by M/V Gem Star, M/V Jaden Sun, M/V Barracuda, M/V Canouan Bay.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Grenada. From Union Island in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines tbelow are ferries to and from the island also of Carriacou, Grenada. The M.V. Jasper travels from Union Island also to Carriacou. Water taxis are available between Carriacou and Union Island also.

Grenada. Ospreylines has ferry services connecting a number of islands in Grenada, consisting of the major island, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Guadeloupe. L’Expush des Iles has actually daily services between Guadeloupe and also numerous various other islands. To the Iles des Saintes, tright here are everyday connections leaving Pointe-a-Pitre (Grande-Terre) for Terre de Haut. In the oppowebsite direction they leave Terre de Haut late afternoon. Tright here are two crossings daily (one in the morning and also one in the late afternoon) too between Terre de Haut and Trois Rivières (Basse-Terre) and in between Terre de Bas and also Trois Rivières. From Terre de Haut you have the right to take an additional neighborhood ferry to Terre de Bas too. Other connections include the ferry from Point-a-Pitre to Grand also Bourg on the island also of Marie-Galante one of which is using Saint Louis. CTM Deher has actually solutions in between Basse Terre and Les Saintes several times daily.

Guadeloupe – Dominica. L’Expush des Iles operates almost daily services in between the islands of Dominica and Guadeloupe.

Guadeloupe – Martinique. L’Expush des Iles has continual services between Pointe-a-Pitre and Fort-de-France, the funding of Martinique. The ferries initially go to Dominica then Martinique.

Martinique. Several carriers sell ferry services in between Fort-de-France and a number of rekind areas. Somatours Vedettes runs a ferry to Pointe du Bout and Vedettes Madinina travels tbelow too. Matinik Cruise Line goes to the village of Trois-Iallows.

Guadeloupe – Saint Lucia. L’Expush des Iles offers solutions to Castries. It’s the very same ferry which goes to Dominica and Martinique, leaving from Pointe-a-Pitre and arrives in Castries in the afternoon.

Dominica – Martinique. L’Expush des Iles has actually weekly solutions in between Dominica and Martinique traveling in between the resources Roseau and Fort-de-France. It takes about 1.5 hrs in both directions.

Dominica – Saint Lucia. L’Express des Iles has actually weekly sailings between the capitals of Dominica and also Saint Lucia, Roseau and Castries. Each speak on their course in Fort-de-France, Martinique. Most boats leave roughly 10am and also take about 4.5 hrs to finish total take a trip.

Martinique – Saint Lucia. L’Express des Iles travels from Fort-de-France to Castries on Saint Lucia. Crossings take around 80 minutes.

Trinidad and also Tobago.

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The Trinidad and Tobearlier Port Authority operates inter-island also, everyday car ferries in between the capital Port of Spain on Trinidad and the resources of Tobago, Scarbounstable. The T&T Express, T&T Spirit, and also the Panorama & Warrior Spirit are the ferries.