The O&C Railroad relocated timber come mills.

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Adapted from Gerald W. Williams, Ph.D. - USDA Forest business Pacific Northwest Region

The Oregon and California Railroad approve lands, frequently called the O&C lands, came right into existence soon after the polite War. Congress provided subsidies, in the type of land grants from the general public Domain (Federally own land), come the various States because that the purpose of aiding the construction of rail and wagon roads and to encourage from the west expansion.

The Oregon O&C California rail Land Grant

Congress granted certain lands to the State that Oregon in 1866 because that the building of a rail from Portland, Oregon, southward to the California border near Ashland. (Another land give was provided to the State of California because that that part of the railroad.) The O&C soil grant gave both says the government to designate a firm to construct the railroad and also receive the land approve as a subsidy come offset building and construction costs. The intent of the land give was for the private firm or copy, group to market the soil so the it might recover that "up-front" costs in the building of the rail line. ~ the sale of the land, the company would profit, as any type of business would, v the solutions that it offered to the general public in the kind of passenger travel and freight hauling.

The O&C railroad land grant included all odd-numbered part of Public-Domain land, no mineral in character, within 20 miles of every side that the proposed rail line. If land within the give land was currently homesteaded or otherwise claimed, climate the firm was permitted to extend the piece to 30 miles from the rail line. The total acreage the the Oregon section of the land give was 4,220,000 acres. However, no company came forward through a proposal within the time collection by the Act because that the soil grant. In 1869, congress amended the providing Act to permit the Oregon and California Railroad company to meet a brand-new deadline. Through this time, sufficient land had already gone into private ownership the the grant contained only 3,728,000 acres. The amended legislation additionally placed three conditions on the disposal of the soil granted to the company:The land had actually to be offered to bona fide settlers. No much more than 160 acres can be sold to one individual. The land might not be offered for more than $2.50 every acre.

The rail line began by Oregon and also California Railroad firm and perfect by the southerly Pacific railroad Company, which gained the O&C railroad in 1887, violated all three conditions of the land-disposition rules. These actions go uncontested until 1903, once the southerly Pacific Railroad determined to discontinue the sales the the railroad give land so the it can retain property of the increasingly an useful timber and land. This cause the O&C Re vestment action on June 9, 1916, return 2.4 million acres of unsold O&C give lands in Oregon, yet not in California, to commonwealth ownership.

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Administration of this lands dropped under the jurisdiction that the basic Land Office in the department of the internal (DOI), although numerous hundred-thousand acre were in ~ the nationwide Forest borders under the monitoring of the room of farming (USDA), at the time. More>>