Harvest Moon was the finest farming game on the Super Nintencarry out Entertainment System. It’s still taken into consideration among the best farming simulation games and a lot of of its sequels have likewise got good reviews and also praise from gamers all roughly the world. However before, you have the right to only play so a lot of Harvest Moon. There are always times once you feel bored with a certain game and also need a brand-new game or series to refresh your play style. Well, you are in luck bereason if you have actually been searching for games choose Harvest Moon then we’ve acquired you covered from head to toe. Check out the 18 remarkable farming games favor Harvest Moon below and select the one that attracts you the the majority of.

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Best Farming Gamings Like Harvest Moon (Updated September 2020)

Here are all the Harvest Moon form games that you deserve to play in 2020. You can take a quick look at the list below and jump to the equivalent game by clicking on the connect. Many of the games are easily accessible on Steam, yet we have actually controlled to encompass some Android and also Nintenperform games too.

List of Harvest Moon Alternatives

1. Stardew Valley

If there’s any type of game that comes cshed to Harvest Moon in regards to gameplay and graphics then it’s definitely Stardew Valley. This well-known indie hit actually takes the Harvest Moon formula to a totality brand-new level and broadens on it. The a lot of remarkable component is that it’s emerged by one indie developer.
The game supplies an also larger human being than Harvest Moon wbelow you acquire to enjoy your farm life, thrive plants, raise poultry, and all those farm gimmicks that you love performing. Stardew Valley is definitely taken into consideration the new Harvest Moon, or at the exceptionally leastern the closest thing to Harvest Moon you deserve to get ideal now. So, certainly provide this one a try. It is one of the finest farming simulation games that you deserve to play.

Download ($14.99)

2. Voodoo Garden

This is not your average gardening or farming game wright here you grow fruits and also veggies, rather in Voodoo Garden, you acquire to prosper all the herbs, fruits, veggies, and also shrubs that can be further supplied in your production of occult accessories. You likewise get to capture wild swamp animals that come in handy when making assets for your voodoo magic.
You also have the option to raise cute pets that will store you agency which have the right to then be sacrificed to gain magical advantage, sounds fun right? This is wright here your average farming game meets magical enchanting. Try it out to learn some amazing voodoo magic.Downfill ($2.99)

3. Forager

Forager is among the few recent games that is based upon Harvest Moon’s theme: expedition and also farming. Tright here is an RPG aspect and the ability to build your very own human being is pretty good and also provides you fail in love through this genre again after your initially brush via Harvest Moon.

Comparable to Harvest Moon, you have to construct and also prosper a base out of nothing. You will have to gather resources, carefully regulate time on farming and also other tasks, craft helpful items than have the right to assist you while pet hunting, and also even more. The even more you expand your land, the even more you learn brand-new skills and abilities.On your way, you have the right to also satisfy sidepursuits by solving puzzles, finding secrets and also finding out covert dungeons. Ssuggest put, Forager is one of the finest games choose Harvest Moon on Steam and it’s developed like 8-little games of the previous which provides it also even more interesting.Downpack ($19.99)

4. Fantasy Farming: Ovariety Season

Fantasy Farming is one more game that has freshly been released and in truth, it’s still in development. It’s a game comparable to Harvest Moon which concentrates on expedition and also crafting. What I favor around this game is that it brings social elements which were so popular of Harvest Moon.

You can go to Tvery own Festivals, ask a villager to hang out with you and take part in different tasks. The sounds just like Harvest Moon, isn’t it? Apart from that, you have the usual chore: plant plants and thrive your farm, raise pets, connect via villagers, and enhance friendship, complete searches and also much more.All in all, I would say, Fantasy Farming: Oselection Seaboy is a solid Harvest Moon alternative and you need to absolutely provide it a shot.Download ($10.49)

5. Kynseed

If you are searching for a game like Harvest Moon on Steam then Kynseed deserves both your time and also attention. The game template is very a lot favor Harvest Moon with aspects of RPG, exploration and crafting.

However, it goes one action further and brings adendeavor too. You deserve to go to dangerous locations and also fight versus dark tale creatures which provides the gameplay also more interesting. Coming to the main gameplay, below you have to build your household tradition by farming your land, running a business, emerging a relationship via fellow villagers and more.Tright here are likewise some parts where you deserve to gather materials to produce beer and not just tools. To sum up, Kynseed seems favor a promising Harvest Moon different and also you must offer it a swarm.Downfill ($9.99)

6. Plantera

Plantera is a cute gardening and farming game where you thrive your fruits, trees, and also raise animals at the exact same time. The cute graphics will certainly certainly save you immersed for a long time. You need to expand also your garden and in doing so you will certainly additionally entice these cute little bit helpers that will assist you in planting and harvesting your crops.

You have the right to also perform the harvesting and plucking yourself or you can just let your helpers execute these manual points while you invest in better crops and develop a far better farm. Even when you quit the game, the helpers will certainly proceed to work-related and you will gain gold once you go back to the game. Try this game if you really love cute graphics.Download ($2.99)

7. Wayward

Wayward is a lot of games combined together. It’s like a perfect blfinish of Minecraft, Ultima Online, Don’t Starve, and a small bit of Harvest Moon. It’s a turn-based rogue-favor survival game wright here you get to craft items and gather resources while focusing on the survival of your character.

Tright here are no collection rules, you don’t obtain to choose any kind of course, you don’t obtain to clear levels. Everypoint depends on how you play the game. Your stat get is directly tied to the item you come in call via.There are over 300 various items for you to craft and also communicate via which adds a lot of gameplay time. If you like survival blended with crafting then Wayward is the method to go (pun intended).Downpack ($7.19)

8. Terraria

Not completely a farming simulator, yet Terraria allows you develop, discover, fight and dig your way via the impressive setting via beautiful retro graphics. This action-packed adendeavor actually lets you reap the resource gathering and crafting functions of Minecraft combined via some role-playing action.

Terraria is all about experimenting dangerous caverns laden with treacertain and also resources that come in handy once crafting new items for your inventory. The primary emphasis of the game is on crafting and also building while the action-adundertaking part comes in additional. Terraria is a really immersive game that will certainly suck you in via its exciting exploration-based gameplay.Download ($9.99)

9. My Time at Portia

Much like Harvest Moon, My Time at Portia offers players a delightful and immersive world called Portia in which they are tasked with restoring their Pa’s neglected workshop. In order to carry out so, players will certainly have to satisfy comgoals, flourish plants, and raise animals.

The game might seem favor a little of a grind at first, however I can ascertain you that as soon as you acquire right into it, you won’t feel choose letting go. The land also of Portia likewise has a well-off community and also you can befriend all of its inhabitants, which really adds to the social variable in the game and also likewise helps you complete tasks faster to regain your workshop.Depending on your play style, you’ll likewise acquire the alternative to level up your character and skill them in crafting, combat or social skills.Download ($29.99)

10. Moonlighter

Moonlighter is an additional excellent Harvest Moon different that cleverly inculcates features from the roguelite genre of games right into a farming simulator. In the game you play as Will, and also adventurous shopkeeper who has to tend to his shopmaintaining duties throughout the day and also provide in to his fantasies of ending up being a hero by night.

As an outcome, you have to juggle both the objective quite effectively and play the game in a way that all your actions are mutually valuable for both of your goals. So, in impact, you’ll have the ability to sell goods that you collect in the dungeon at the shop and also then use the gold you earn to gain much better tools that will aid you clear dungeons even more efficiently.Downfill ($19.99)

11. Animal Crossing: New Horizon

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is the sort of game that you will certainly never get worn down of playing. The game is all about collecting bugs, decorating your paradise, and trying out the amazing island. One of the a lot of fascinating things around this game is the liberty to live your life on your own terms.
The game supplies extremely cute graphics and lets you manage your whole town as you check out fit. Invite your friends over to your tvery own in the multiplayer mode and also have actually fun showing off your cool tvery own. You have actually the power to collection rules and also regulations in your tvery own. You can include brand-new landmarks, bridges, public centers, and various other buildings that boost your island.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a fun and entertaining game. And I am not alengthy to believe that. The game has actually come to be so renowned that Nintenexecute had actually a blockbuster quarter just on the earlier on this game alone. It’s worth playing, so examine it out.Downpack ($59.99)

12. Yonder: The Cloudcatcher Chronicles

Yonder: The Cloudcatcher Chronicles is a game that’s the perfect combination of Breath of the Wild and also Harvest Moon, definition that the game provides players the perfect blend of a relaxing open-human being adventure and a farming simulator.
The game attributes a colorful open world with a ton of things you can discover, it additionally has actually an RPG-choose character customization option, supports crafting and building, and also, quite obviously, farming. You’re provided the option to either follow the questline and also go wherever it takes you or you deserve to spfinish your time doing whatever you want in the open up human being without the game pressuring you right into completing objectives.

The ideal part about the open world in Yonder: The Cloudcatcher Chronicles, however, is that it’s dynamic and also keeps changing in accordance with the periods. This certainly makes the game a totality lot more immersive and also fun to play.Downpack ($24.99)

13. Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns is essentially a follower to the Harvest Moon series and also is favor a sleek variation of the older games. Because of this, the game is absolutely worth discovering if you’re on the lookout for a great Harvest Moon alternative. In the game, you begin off as a young and incompetent farmer who has to successfully cultivate their plot of land also.
The game plays at a faster pace, compared to a variety of other farming simulators out tright here, which makes it a great alternative for anyone that likes farming games yet doesn’t prefer waiting also lengthy for their plants to flourish.

Downfill ($29.99)

14. Staxel

If you enjoy games prefer Minecraft and also Harvest Moon, then I can assure you that you’ll have fun playing Staxel – a blocky RPG through a human being choose Minecraft and farming/social aspects like the Harvest Moon series.
The gameplay is a lot faster when compared to various other games in the genre, so if you’re someone who doesn’t like waiting for points to happen in-game, you’ll definitely like Staxel. Being an RPG, the game additionally provides much more content than some of the other games on this list, which is an additional factor you could like it much even more than the others.Download ($19.99)

15. Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

While the Harvest Moon series, along with a variety of other farming simulators, is a fun and uplifting game, Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor is the precise oppowebsite. The game can be classified as an anti-adendeavor title and calls for players to pick up trash in an alien bazaar.

You play as a Janitor that has a municipally subsidized task of incinerating trash, however a dream of leaving the plant of Xabran’s Rock behind. Instead of farming, you have other day-to-day jobs to address and also if you carry out them ideal, they might also assist you make your dream come true.Downfill ($9.99)

16. Hay Day

Hay Day is a mobile farming game that shares most similarities to the well-known FarmVille game. The game starts via your (player’s) old uncle being unable to take treatment of his farm and provides it to you so you can take much better treatment of it and help make it the ideal farm in the people.

After a brief and also sweet tutorial, you acquire to farming. Harvesting wwarmth, construct your dock for fishing, profession products through your next-door neighbors, and also offer your good at your very own roadside shop. You deserve to also build your extremely own tvery own and also invite others to visit you. Hay Day is all around regulating your inventory.It’s a farming game at heart, but the main emphasis is offering your stuff through trucks, boats, and shops which adds a entirety new measurement of gameplay. If you are looking for a quick farming solve then Hay Day is the perfect game for you.Download (Free)

17. World’s Dawn

If you have actually always wanted to live in a seaside village wright here you grow your very own food and also live a peaceful life surrounded by organic beauty then World’s Dawn is the game you want because it offers all that in a solitary game. You deserve to select to do your very own occupational as you please.

You have the right to either end up being a full time farmer and tend to your crops and also food, or you deserve to just raise animals. Apart from that, you can additionally go hunting for some romantic relationships.Tright here are many townspeople approximately you that make the social interactions also even more exciting. World’s Dawn is the perfect alternative to Harvest Moon that adds some added attributes to make it also even more immersive.Download ($9.99)

18. Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve With Each Other, the sequel to the well-known survival game Don’t Starve, is one more great Harvest Moon alternative that attributes facets from both farming simulators and survival games. The game doesn’t have the same fun vibes as the Harvest Moon games and also inclines more in the direction of being dull and also drab.

Much choose its predecessor, the game is an adventure survival title in which you have to execute whatever it takes to make it through as lengthy as possible. You deserve to check out the environment, gather resources, craft items and develop frameworks to make it through in the wretched lands of Don’t Starve Together.Downfill ($14.99)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Animal Crossing Similar to Harvest Moon?

In some means, Animal Crossing is comparable to Harvest Moon. For example, you deserve to build your very own village and also control the location from beautification to facilities. If you love building things from the scratch the Animal Crossing will certainly have actually you tied to the display.

Q. What Type of Video Game is Harvest Moon?

Harvest Moon is a farm simulation role-playing game. You are assigned a function and also then you deserve to produce and develop things for your survival. Tbelow is likewise a social facet to this game.

Q. Is Tright here a New Harvest Moon Coming Out?

As we all recognize, the Harvest Moon series was recalled to Story of Seasons in 2014 and also now new games are published under the new title. In June 2020, the game publisher launched Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Tvery own.

Q. Does Harvest Moon Game End?

Yes, Harvest Moon involves an end. It takes players around an year to complete the game.

Q. Why Did Harvest Moon Change its Name?

The game publishers, Marvelous and also Natsume had actually conflict over the distribution of the game in the western industry which caused both parting methods, and for this reason transforming the name from Harvest Moon to Story of Seasons in certain western sectors.

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Harvest Moon Type Gamings Sorted For You

Well, those were some of the ideal games to get your farming solve. If you have actually been looking for brand-new games or also old ones that are comparable to Harvest Moon then these games should absolutely fit the bill. If you think we have missed any type of of your favorite farming games then feel free to point out them in the comments area listed below.