Things are matter all have mass.. non matter things are stuff that have no mass and stuff that can not be put in a jar.. the milky way Galaxy is matter if we had a jar big enough it would fit in it and it has mass.. and um the sun has mass.... okay buy light, darkness, words, letter... those are things that have no mass and are not able to be put in a jar.

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MATTER: the sun, the galaxy, an apple,

NON-MATTER: light, dark, and dreams

NON-MATTER: hopes, feelings, and wishes

NON-MATTER: words, letters, numbers


There are two states of existence in the Universe, matter and energy.

Matter includes anything with mass including light when considered as photons.

Energy, the not matter part, includes the electomagnetic spectrum (light, heat, radio, x-rays etc.), gravity.

Dimensions such as spacial (height, length, width) and duration (time) are neither matter or energy.

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From the Theory of general relativity (E=mC2) it can be see that these attributes of the universe are interchangeable.

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