I'm buying my first smart thermostat and chose on Ecobee based on the write-ups on this subnadechworld.com. I simply reverted the Nest I bought.

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Looks choose Amazon Prime Day will have actually the newest version of the Ecobee for $199. The Ecobee 4 is around $170-180 and also the Ecobee 3 Lite is approximately $150. It will certainly be used in a basic location through no evaporator or anypoint added besides a central air unit.

Is the newest update to the Ecobee worth the premium? At initially I was comparing the 4 to the newest one at full price and also I was for sure going for the 4, but via the price dropping on prime day, it might be worth simply going with the newest one.


Reality is the ecobee 3 lite will carry out all you desire, the 4 and also 5 offer more devices connections and also alexa integration.

All market same settings, and function of these smart thermostates are to save $, however if you spfinishing additional $50, you are not going to recoup it via savings, only by including an alexa device and also if you deciding on added tools in future ( dehumidifier, humidifier, and so on )

Reality is alot of dumb thermostates conserve $, as home is very same temp all the moment, and no massive temp alters to lug ago up or down in temps for programmable settings, so running expense is nominal.

I wonder if they'll ever release a firmware update that will allow the Ecobee 4 and also 5 to inevitably assistance Google Assistant. If so, then it'd certainly be great to have among the more recent ones.

It's tempting to simply acquire the easy 3 Lite. Somejust how my brain is wired to attempt to obtain the newest and biggest and also I have actually a hard time gaining something older and also simpler even though I don't need the features of the newest ones.

Go with the newest design. For $50 additional you acquire dual-band WiFi, glass front, and also quad core processor. You can additionally just rotate Alexa off. It’s a no-brainer.

Interesting. I guess I'll prob go this course. I wasn't able to find a great list of what readjusted between the 4 and the new "voice control" variation. Thanks for making it so succinct. I'd go with the 3 Lite if it was super cheap (roughly $100), but via all of them being within $50 of each other, you're probably ideal I should simply go for it. I wish it was Google Assistant controlled and not Alexa. Then I wouldn't need to turn it off.

As the OP discussed, we went through the new Smart Thermostat (ecobee5) because of the quicker processor, glass front and also dual band also WiFi. I think the remote sensor is enhanced too.

And perform inspect for the rebate...I acquired $100 back from my electric firm. I was a little worried I wouldn't acquire the rebate...the fine print sassist the qualifying thermostat had to be "purchased and installed" by a HVAC vendor. I did have actually my HVAC man install the thermostat bereason my old thermostat wiring wasn't right (didn't incorporate a C wire). He only charged me one hour of labor to run the brand-new wiring. And also though I didn't purchase the thermostat through him...I acquired the rebate.

And check out beestat.io. Great stats from your brand-new thermostat.

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I'm loving the remote sensor. I have actually it out in the living room and also offered in the day time comfort schedule...considering that we're out in the living room and also kitchen all day lengthy. I have actually the thermostat itself in the night time comfort establishing, given that it's in the hallway simply external our bedroom door. This functions well for us.