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CodesThis is where you can find GameShark codes. Please remember that each character and card isn”t obtained. They”re simply mods. First you must go to the character equip screen, turn the code on, thenselect a character you want to use. Then exit the screens to the menu, turn the code off now and you”ll have the character selected.

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Here”s a list of characters for your GameShark.

Gohan-Norm 010101CC
Gohan-SS 010201CC
Gohan-SS2 010301CC
Piccolo-Norm 010401CC
Piccolo-God 010501CC
Piccolo-Evil King 010601CC
Krillin 010701CC
Goku-Norm 010801CC
Goku-SS 010901CC
Goku-SS2 010A01CC
Goku-SS3 010B01CC
Vegeta-Norm 010C01CC
Vegeta-SS 010D01CC
Vegeta-Majin 010E01CC
Teen Gohan-SS 010F01CC
Teen Gohan-SS2 011001CC
Teen Gohan-Mystic (aka Strongest) 011101CC
Future Trunks-Norm 011201CC
Future Trunks-SS 011301CC
Goten 011401CC
Goten-SS 011501CC
Young Trunks 011601CC
Young Trunks-SS 011701CC
Gotenks-SS 011801CC
Gotenks-SS3 011901CC
Vegito-SS 011A01CC
Nappa 011B01CC
Guldo 011C01CC
Recoome 011D01CC
Jeice 011E01CC
Burter 011F01CC
Ginyu-Norm 012001CC
Ginyu-Goku 012101CC
Freeza 012201CC
16 012301CC
17 012401CC
18 012501CC
19 012601CC
20 012701CC
Cell-First Form 012801CC
Cell-Second Form 012901CC
Perfect Cell 012A01CC
Cell Jr. 012B01CC
Fat Buu 012C01CC
Evil Buu 012D01CC
Buu-Gotenks 012E01CC
Buu-Gohan 012F01CC
Buu-Pure Evil 013001CC

Now here”s some GameShark codes for cards.

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Card Code
3 Stage Attack 0102F3CD
4 Stage Attack 0102F4CD
5 Stage Attack 0102F5CD
6 Stage Attack 0102F6CD
Continuous Punch 0102F7CD
Continuous Kick 0102F8CD
Energy Wave 0102F9CD
Energy Bomb 0102FACD
Speacial Cart 0102FBCD
Masenko 0102FCCD
Dunk Shot 0102FDCD
Kamehameha 0102FECD
Super Kamehameha 0102FFCD
F. Kamehameha 010200CE
Sonic Kick 010201CE
Resurrect 010202CE
Special Beam Cannon 010203CE
F. Lightbomb 010204CE
Taiyoken 010205CE
Misty Ki Wave 010206CE
Desturct-Disc 010207CE
Super Destruct-Disc 010208CE
Kaio Ken 010209CE
Spirit Bomb 01020aCE
Solid Shot 01020bCE
Teleport 01020cCE
Super Saiyan 2 01020dCE
Super Saiyan 3 01020eCE
Tail 01020fCE
Galick-Ho 010210CE
Big Bang 010211CE
Final Flash 010212CE
Desperate Attack 010213CE
Rising Kick 010214CE
Burning Attack 010215CE
Final Attack 010216CE
Flash Punch 010217CE
Kamekameha 010218CE
Galactica D. 010219CE
S.G.K Attack 01021aCE
Buu Ball Slam 01021bCE
Kiai 01021cCE
Atomic Break 01021dCE
Flash Sword 01021eCE
Barrier 01021fCE
N. Slasher 010220CE
Ki Blast Bomb 010221CE
Light Cannon 010222CE
Telekinesis 010223CE
Mystic Sound 010224CE
Paralysis 010225CE
Time Freeze 010226CE
Breath 010227CE
Eraser Cannon 010228CE
R.F.B. Attack 010229CE
Crasher Ball 01022aCE
Purple Comet 01022bCE
P. Comet Z 01022cCE Speed Up 01022dCE
Mach Attack 01022eCE
Dynamite Punch 01022fCE
Body Change 010230CE
Finger Beam 010231CE
Super E-Ball 010232CE
Grand Wave 010233CE
S. Dash Elbow 010234CE
Eye Beam 010235CE
Lock On 010236CE
Rocket Punch 010237CE
Hell Flash 010238CE
Crazy Rush 010239CE
Energy Slash 01023aCE
Energy Slice 01023bCE
18″s Attack 01023cCE
Life Absorb 01023dCE
Energy Absorb 01023eCE
Cell Combo 01023fCE
Step up Attack 010240CE
Flesh Guard 010241CE
Potbelly Attack 010242CE
Crasher Buu 010243CE
Sweet Beam 010244CE
Bulma 010245CE
Chiaotzu 010246CE
Tien 010247CE
Yajirobe 010248CE
Kaio 010249CE
Dende 01024aCE
Guru 01024bCE
Hercule 01024cCE
Supreme Kai 01024dCE
Kibito 01024eCE
Babidi 01024fCE
Dabura 010250CE
Yakon 010251CE
Scouter 010252CE
Caps. Fridge 010253CE
Stop Device 010254CE
Life Preser 010255CE
Medical Mac.

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Gravity Device 010257CE
Energy Absorber 010258CE
Sealed Ball 010259CE
Trunks” Sword 01025aCE
Dabura Spear 01025bCE
Light Vest 01025cCE
Btl. Jacket 01025dCE
New B-Jacket 01025eCE
Sunglasses 01025fCE
Gamebomb 010260CE
Champ. Belt 010261CE
Special Candy 010262CE
Heart Virus 010263CE
Heart Medicine 010264CE
Sandglass 010265CE
Naughty Book 010266CE
Full Spirit 010267CE
Afterimage 010268CE
Reading Ki 010269CE
Feint 01026aCE
Endurance 01026bCE
Telepathy 01026cCE
Foresight 01026dCE
Shockwave 01026eCE
Avoiding 01026fCE

Still not enough for you cheaters? :PWell then I have codes for Infinte HP and CC.

Infinite HP 01ffceca
Infinte CC 01633eca

That”s all for this section…you cheaters 😛

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