“Doing The Wave” Is A Common Activity In Large Football Stadiums. What Type Of Wave Is This?

It”s a group wave, or something that happnadechworld.coms simultaneously. Unless the meaning you need is a fun little body wave! (: There”s no rules but to jump out of your seat with your arms up! I hope all is well, and this is what you were looking for! Good luck, rockstar! (:

To make the jump, Neo and Morpheus have pushed against their respective launch points with their legs applying a _____ to the la

Solution :

A) Electric currnadechworld.comt is the flow of electrons .

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B) We know, by ohm”s law :

V = I × R

Putting values in above equation, we get :

V = 0.56 × 72 V

V = 40.32 V

Hnadechworld.comce, this is the required solution.

A baseball pitcher brings his arm forward during a pitch, rotating the forearm about the elbow. If the velocity of the ball in t



Explanation: that,

The speed of the ball, u = 34 m/s

The ball is 0.310 m from the elbow joint.

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We need to find the angular velocity (in rad/s) of the forearm.

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We know that,


So, the required angular velocity of the forearm is 109.67 rad/s.

Lindsay is planning a flight from St. Catharines to Hamilton, which lies due west of St. Catharines. Her aircraft flies at a spe

Lindsay has to fly this plane towards this direction to get to Hamilton.

From this question, the plane is still up in the air.

We have wind blowing in

To solve the problem we have to make use of the sine rule


We put the values in the equation, we have:

50/Sinθ = 200/sin60°

The next step is to cross multiply

50 x sin60° = 200Sinθ

50 x 0.8660 = 200sinθ

We make Sin θ the subject

Sine θ = 43.30/200

sine θ = 0.2165

we find the value of θ

θ = sine⁻¹(0.2165)

θ = 12.50

So Lindsay has to fly this plane towards this direction

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