Does Selena Gomez Have A Twin Sister, Selena Gomez And Her Twin Sister

Sofia Solares, a 23-year-old from Mexico, is being called a Selena Gomez double based on her uncanny resemblance to the star on her Instagram (handle:
sofisolars), where she posts popular pictures of her outfits, her life, and her selfies, which, yeah, look a ton like Selena Gomez. Solares has a Selena-ish haircut, a Selena-esque face, and there's even something Selena-y about the way she tilts her head while posing for pictures.

One way to spot the difference? It looks like Solares has a septum piercing, which, as far as we know, Gomez does not.

Fans have taken to tagging the pop star and actress in the comments of Sofia's pictures and writing comments like, “Am i the only one who thinks she is the mixture of selena gomez and sofia richie

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