Driving Distance From Las Vegas To Sedona Arizona, How Far Is Las Vegas From Sedona

I need some advice on sights to stop and see on the way to Las Vegas from Sedona.

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Also, what is the best/quickest route from Sedona to Las Vegas?

Thank you very much.






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Take az89A to I40. Head west till Kingman and take us 93 to Las Vegas. 275 miles, count on 5 hours without stops.

Things to see are: Oak Creek Canyon, Flagstaff, Williams, R66 (Ash Fork-Seligman-Peach Springs-Hackberry-Kingman) and the new Colorado river bridge near Hoover Dam. And Hoover Dam itself of course.


The Route66 section between Seligman and Kingman will add a few miles to the route, but it'll also take you away from the traffic with endless semis on the Interstate; and Seligman and the Hackberry General Store are places not to be missed. The drive is much more pleasant and scenic than on the Interstate and even doing it you'll easily get from Sedona to Vegas in a day, that's nothing too major in the way of driving disdtances for a day.

One of the shorter detours you could do is down to Willow Beach,before you get to Hoover Dam. This is where the Black Canyon raft trips end up at after coming downriver from Hoover.

There is a cafe in the new marina building with a nice view, or you can swim at the little beach between the marina and the fish hatchery.

Here are some pics…

The Hoover bypass bridge is free to walk over, and the Lake Mead Overlook is very close to that near the security checkpoint.

If you drive across the dam to the top of the AZ side look at the top of the hill, and you can see the WWII bunkers.

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We don't want to take too long to get back to Vegas, we know we will be very tired of driving at the end of the 2 week trip.

I think the Route 66 may take a bit longer of a drive than we were hoping for.

It will be nice to have a nice place to stop off for lunch and maybe a quick look around, and perhaps a few viewing points along the way as well.

So, Hoover Dam would be a good stop on the way back?

I know my daughter wants to see it.

Is there a way to 'see' it without taking a tour?

Thank you 🙂

Flagstaff, Oak Creek Canyon, – Tet14 – great advice.

Like the option for Route 66, too, Esty66, but how much longer will that take to get back to Vegas that way?


Oak Creek Canyon is actually the most direct way. Driving Route 66 will add 30 to 45 mins pure driving, plus up to an hour for stopping and looking around. If you decide against that, at least take the Seligman exit, if's only about a mile from the interstate and go look at Seligman.

Definitely make a stop in Seligman. Road Kill Cafe, Delgadillo's Snow Cap and a lot of R66 stuff.

keepers of the wild in valentine az. on rt 66 about 20 mins outside Kingman is great if you are interested in animals. If you go make sure you take the safari tour. Took my 17 yr old in April she loved it.

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Indeed, there are a lot more places to see, like Grand Canyon Caverns and Keepers of the Wild but it all will take extra time.

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