There room 2 methods to gain from Gainesville to St. Augustine by bus or car

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Amtrak Thruway, bus • 4h 52m

take it the Amtrak Thruway native Gainesville come Jacksonville Amtrak Northbound take the bus indigenous Jacksonville to St Augustine \"Greyhound\"

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The many affordable way to acquire from Gainesville come St. Augustine is come drive, which prices $7-$11 and takes 1h 36m.

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The quickest means to get from Gainesville to St. Augustine is to drive which expenses $7-$11 and also takes 1h 36m.

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No, there is no straight bus indigenous Gainesville to St. Augustine. However, over there are services departing indigenous Gainesville and arriving in ~ St Augustine via Amtrak Station and Jacksonville. The journey, consisting of transfers, takes roughly 4h 52m.

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The distance between Gainesville and St. Augustine is 63 miles. The road distance is 74.3 miles.

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The best method to get from Gainesville to St. Augustine without a car is to Amtrak Thruway and also bus i m sorry takes 4h 52m and costs .

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It takes around 4h 52m to get from Gainesville come St. Augustine, consisting of transfers.

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Gainesville to St. Augustine bus services, activate by Amtrak, depart from Gainesville station.

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Gainesville to St. Augustine bus services, activate by Greyhound USA, come at St Augustine station.

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Yes, the control distance in between Gainesville come St. Augustine is 74 miles. That takes approximately 1h 36m to journey from Gainesville come St. Augustine.

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