Vizio is among the many renowned TV brands in the world. This TVs are famous for their wonderful performance and also appealing features. Most importantly, unlike other smart TVs, Vizio TVs space priced reasonably. Vizio D collection and V collection are several of the best-selling TV collection by the brand. Here we’re letting you know what sets lock apart and also which is a much better option come buy.

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Vizio V Series


In state of display screen sizes, the Vizio V series is bound to do you feel spoilt because that choice. The display screen sizes selection between 40 inches and 70 inches. Through full-array LED backlight and also 4K UHD resolution, this smart TV series offers a TV city hall experience prefer no other. Powered v Dolby Vision and Octa-Core processors as the primary display screen processor, the Vizio V collection boasts integrated Chromecast features. It supports voice assistance an innovation such together Google Assistant, Siri, and also Amazon Alexa.

The photo and sound quality, in addition to the refresh price of this series, do it exceptional from its various other counterparts. Though it boasts comparable features together the D series, there are numerous ways in which the V collection is a much better option to go with.

Vizio D Series

vizio d collection vs v series which is better

The Vizio D collection is an affordable and top-performing tv that has gained a lot of attention because its launch. Everything from its good image high quality to color performance has actually made professionals go gaga end this smart TV. Equipped v an Octa-core processor, the Vizio D series provides a premium-quality TV the town hall experience. Compatible with major voice aides like Siri and Amazon Alexa, this clever television gives ultimate convenience.

Available in display screen sizes 50-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch, this TV collection boasts LED display modern technology and spatial scaling engine. Every little thing from its picture quality to sound top quality makes it one of the ideal smart televisions in the market.

Similarities in between Vizio V series and Vizio D Series

After conducting a thoroughly Vizio collection comparison in between Vizio V and D series, we discovered plenty of points that this televisions have actually a lot of in common. Both the tv sets come in the exact same price range. Aside from that, their screen size is also more or much less similar. Also in regards to performance, both the TV to adjust are thought about to be quite similar.

These two TV series by Vizio come in 4K resolution. Both the sets space compatible through voice aides like Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. Even if it is you have actually a D collection or the V series, girlfriend can collection it up through AirPlay 2 and also Chromecast. Additionally, in terms of their sound quality, experts have discovered these smart TV to adjust to it is in alike.

FeatureVizio V SeriesVizio D Series
Smart TV FeatureAirPlay 2& ChromeCastAirPlay 2& ChromeCast
SmartCast3.0SmartCast 3.0
Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon AlexaSiri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
Picture4K UHD4K UHD
ProcessorOcta CoreOcta Core
Vizio TV design comparison

Differences in between Vizio V series and Vizio D Series

After a thorough evaluation, TV experts have to be able to create some of the main differences between these 2 smart TVs. Firstly, Vizio V collection gives more options in terms of the size of the screen ranging from 40 inches to 75 inches. On the various other hand, the D collection does not sell that plenty of screen size choices to choose from.

In the Vizio V collection vs D series debate, professionals argue that the snapshot quality the the TV sets them apart from every other. The V series comes equipped v an energetic full range feature, when the D collection features full variety LED. This an essential difference in between these clever TVs has actually a vast impact top top their snapshot quality.

Another vital difference setup these 2 TVs personally is the HDR assistance that they come equipped with. Vizio V collection boasts Dolby Vision, if the D collection lacks this crucial feature. Lastly, the refresh price of the Vizio V series is remarkably different from that of Vizio D series. Vizio V series takes the prize together its refresh rate is 120Hz while the refresh price of the D series is 60Hz. This difference is what leader to the difference in the picture quality the both the tv series.

Lastly, the price difference between both the TV collection is noteworthy. Though they both belong to the exact same price range, the V series is pricier than the D series.

FeatureVizio V SeriesVizio D Series
Smart TV Size40, 43, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 inch24, 32, 39, 40, 43, 48, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 inch
PictureDolby Vision HDR
UltraBright 400
Active full ArrayFull range LED
Up to 180 clear Action
SoundDTS Studio Sound IIDTS Studio Sound I, DTS Studio Sound II, DTS TruSurround
WiFi802.11ac802.11n, 802.11ac
RemoteXRT 136XRT 134, XRT 136
Vizio collection differences between V and also D Series

Final Verdict

Even though a bulk of the features of both these clever TV collection are quite similar, after mindful evaluation, we uncovered that over there are certain features that set them personal from each other. The Vizio V collection is much more superior in terms of features and specifications 보다 the D series. However, it all counts on her preferences.

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If you have a chop budget, then going with the Vizio D series may seem choose the right thing come do. Together it provides a vast array of good features at less price. However, if you desire a clever TV that allows you suffer superior TV watching and also gaming experience, then the Vizio V collection is an ideal choice for you. The advanced features of Vizio V collection make it a far better option than the D series.