Detroit Series 60 Injector Torque Specs And Bolt Torques, Detroit Diesel Series 60 Specs And Bolt Torques

Series 50 and 60 solenoid-actuated unit injectors are replaced as assemblies, using new seals, washers, and hold-down bolts. Disconnect the battery to protect the computer from voltage spikes, remove the hold-down bolt, and lift the injector free. Gentle taps with a rubber hammer should be enough to separate it from its sleeve. Kent-Moore catalogs an extraction tool (PN J47372) for stubborn cases.

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If the injector is to be reused, carbon accumulations can be removed from the nozzle body with a wire brush, emory paper, or Scot-Bright. But keep abrasives clear of the nozzle orifices. Using a hand-held brush—not a power tool—clean carbon from the sleeve and vacuum up the particles. This procedure reduces contamination of the drilled fuel passages.

Lubricate components with clean diesel fuel, and install the injector with new seals, washers, and clamp bolt, as supplied under PN 2353711 (Fig. 6-25). Note that the flat side of the copper washer goes down, toward the cylinder head. Fit the clamp over its locating pin, run the bolt down finger-tight, and

• torque the bolt to 50 N-m (37 lb-ft),• back off the bolt 60° (one bolt flat),• torque to 35 N-m (26 lb-ft),• tighten the bolt 90° (one-quarter turn).

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Internal fuel galleries must be flushed before starting the engine. Prime the fuel system and, with the key “off,” disconnect the ECM at the fuse box or harness connector. Remove the combination check valve and pressure regulator, which are located at the rear of the cylinder head at the return-line elbow. Connect a hose to the gallery outlet, and crank the engine in three 15-second bursts, allowing ample time for the starter motor to cool between engagements. Once the galleries are flushed, replace the regulator, make up the fuel-return line and connect the wiring harness to the computer. Run the engine up to operating temperature and check for fuel leaks.

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Detroit Diesel supplies an upgrade kit (PN 23528939) for Series 50 and 60 injectors that consists of a spring 11-mm longer than the original, a cam-follower retainer and new hold-down screws. Apparently, the original springs allowed injector plungers to “float” at high rpm. Remove the rocker-arm assembly, place it on a clean surface, and, working with one injector at a time to avoid mixing parts, remove the two 5-mm Allen screws that secure the follower retainer. Lift the retainer and the follower free (Fig. 6-26). Clean the parts in diesel fuel, and install the new spring, follower and retainer, using the screws provided in the kit. Torque to 25–28 N-m (22–25 lb-in.).

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