Connection To Steam Interrupted :: Dark Souls 3 Connection To Steam Interrupted

# 2 Low frame frequency in Dark Souls 3

Make sure your iron meets system requirements and settings are exhibited accordingly. Make sure the background does not run other applications eating resources. If you have a NVIDIA graphics, open the control panel and in the 3D settings section, change the mode of operation by selecting the most out of the performance !!! Try to run it in the window mode. Set the game to high priority

# 3 in Dark Souls 3 infinitely spinning character during the creation of a hero

If during the creation of the character, your character started to spin completely, and you will not help disabling the mouse and keyboard. To eliminate this bug you will have to turn off your PS4 controller. It will help, but you will have to play on the keyboard and mouse while this bug is not fixed in the nearest updates.

# 4 mouse works strange in Dark Souls 3

Check the sensitivity settings in the game settings or Windows control panel.

# 5 Dark Souls 3 does not start. Problem with DirectX

Put the latest version of DirectX.

# 6 Frequency Frequency Frame in Dark Souls 3

If first DS3 worked consistently smoothly, but then the frequency began to fall, or the game gives less frames than your iron allows you to install Dark Souls 3 versions patch 3 versions 1.03, which is already available and should rush along with the game. Check the version in Steam.

# 7 DARK SOULS 3 crashes with a DLL error

Departure game After battle with 1 boss and opening doors

You need to click on the details in the error and there will be an error number in which there is a DLL at the end. This is the most common and most simple problemTo eliminate which you just need to download the DLL-Files Fixer. Next, you must select the desired DLL file in the database and copy it to the library. (Who helped write off)

# 8 Dark Souls 3 crashes with high resolution

Falling the client when using the resolution more than 1440p, 4k. Solving this problem Simple: You should reduce resolution up to 1080p.

# 9 does not work controller from PlayStation 4 on PC

If you do not work the gamepad from PlayStation 4, you should try to install and configure the free Input Mapper utility, which will be an improvised bridge between DualShock 4 and PC. You also need to check the availability of other devices in the list of Windows connected devices, as often this problem occurs. If you have more connected to more than one device.

# 10 White Screen in Dark Souls 3

If during the start of the game you see the white screen and the client drop, find the graphicSconfig.xml file, find a line with a resolution and change the resolution to lower. It can help you. Open the graphicsconfig.xml file is in C: \ Users \ Username \ APPDATA \ ROAMING \ DARKSOULSIII \ GRAPHICSCONFIG.xML hidden folder (AppData)

# 11 Dark Souls 3 PC Error 0xc000007B

This error appears if you do not set .NET Framework (C ++ Visual) or the DirectX is not correctly installed. Dark Souls 3 Sets them automatically when you first start the game. Try reinstalling these programs from the game directory.

# 12 departure Dark Souls 3

Who cares, we dress the helmet knight-reboot the game profit (it works as not strange: d) thanks¡ ¡6 ⓞģџⓞģџŠ ‰

Dark Souls 3 flies every 60 seconds if it happens to you try to expand the virtual memory. Here”s how to do it in Windows 7 and Windows 8:

Windows 7. Click the Start button Go to the control panel Select the system and maintenance and press the system. Click Additional System Parameters Go to the Advanced tabu003e Performanceu003e Settings. Click the Advanced tabu003e Virtual Memoryu003e Edit Click Set and Initial Size (MB) and Maximum Size

Windows 8 8.1. Go to my computer Properties Click on the system and from the Advanced System Settingsu003e Advanced Tab View Click Settings Displayed in Performance Press the Performance and Enter Settings button Advanced tab Click the Edit button in the Virtual Memory section. Remove the checkbox – automatically control the size of the paging file for all disks. Under the disc, select a disk containing the paging file, the size of which you want to change. Press the special size, enter the new size in megabytes to the initial size (MB) or the maximum size (MB) field, click the Apply button, and then click OK. Keep Motion Blur off.

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# 13 Where are the preservation of Dark Souls 3

C: \ Users \ Username \ APPDATA \ Roaming \ Darksoulsiii \ (Folder with Numbers (ID) \ .sl2 hidden folder (AppData).

# 14 flicker in Dark Souls 3

If you find that the update frequency of your screen is not the same as in the game: Locate the XML configuration file to: C: \ Users \ Username \ APPDATA \ Roaming \ Darksoullsii \ Graphicsconfig.xml Open a file using a text editor Then where can you find FullScreen., write “Window” in tags, so that the string would look like Window..

Try reinstalling the game on HDD with SSD.

# 16 departure after the fire Dark Souls 3

Try to reduce graphics settings. (and selectively (win7)) You need to check the integrity of the game files.

# 17 Problems with the sound of the environment in Dark Souls 3

Updating Realtek HD Audio Drivers can help eliminate sound problems.

# 18 character can not budge after rebirth in Dark Souls 3

Install the game in the folder outside standard folder Steam (in another directory) Also change the name of the user in the Latin system.

# 19 Changing permission on TV monitors in Dark Souls 3

Many users reported that they cannot save resolution changes in Dark Souls 3 on TV monitors. Some of them even reported that their screen stuck in the upper left corner after the launch. As a temporary solution, you can try the following.

Go to GeForce Experience and on the Game tab, click Dark Souls 3 and select the Settings option to optimize. From here you can choose the user resolution you want and solve this problem. However, the settings will be reset so you have to do it every time when before the game starts.

# 20 at the invasion, you or to you, call for help with bosés, as well as when using bloody spots, there are no animation in phantoms.

(legs and knobs are not bumped) resulting in absolutely it is not possible to fight in PvP or only if there is a fair fraction of perverted fantasy. Solution: Try to turn off the firewall before starting the game. Thank you: -did-

And I ask you not to write idiotic comments like: “And then I did not know,” “Copy Paste”, “I have already seen” and others. (I am your opinion in general to the beat). P.S.

I want to help people and do it from clean motives, and not for the husky 🙂

Setting up DSIII

There are a total of 10 graphic settings in DS3. I recommend it a little tinker with them until you find my perfect balance.


AA or anti-aliasing, essentially, smoothing the image and eliminates uneven edges. It is strongly recommended to include a feature, and this greatly improves the image quality and “worth” only one frame per second.

Quality of shadows

Shadows largely make an attractive image. The “Quality of Shadows” parameter does not only improve the quality of the shadows around the character but also increases the range of drawing of the shadows. This is already more significantly affected by productivity – the use of high values u200bu200bwill cost you somewhere 5-7fps.

Quality of reflection

This parameter is mainly associated with the quality of reflections of characters, landscapes and other objects scattered around the world, which are reflected from various reflective surfaces.

This parameter provides high image quality and should not be completely turned off. In addition, it will cost you only one frame per second.

Water quality

As follows from the name, this parameter basically determines the quality of the water surface in the game. This parameter also has little effect on performance.

Depth of field

DOF in Dark Souls 3 adds the blur of objects outside the focus. It is recommended to set the average value to keep sufficient performance without loss of quality.

Quality texture

The quality parameter of the texture in DS3 sets the resolution of the textures applied to the game. The main parameter to configure the performance and starts the name from it, if you want to achieve a little better performance.

Quality shaders

Shaders give various properties to objects. This is not the most voracious parameter, and will help save only a couple of personnel.

Quality lighting

As the name implies, this effect basically determines the overall quality of lighting in the game, which significantly improves the overall image quality. One frame is per second, this is what you need to enable.

The inclusion or shutdown of shading (SSAO) will not be able to increase the performance. Its disconnection will give 3-4fps, but it is moreover!

Homemade bucket:

Vero at work:

Dark Souls 3 game was one of the most expected players for the world. Gamers looked forward to the moment of its appearance on the shelves of online stores. However, some had to be disappointed – Dark Souls 3 does not start. Many owners of weak computers collided with this problem. However, it can be solved. There are several ways to eliminate the problem.

Software update

If Dark Souls 3 crashes when starting, you need to make a video card driver update procedure. If the user has already been installed on the user”s computer already installed, it is necessary to roll back to the version that worked stable. NVIDIA video card holders should put 314 version of drivers. It was released to optimize the work of the Biocese Game. Many players note that after installation 314 versions, the departures stop, and the application begins to work stably. Installing these drivers will allow you to protect yourself and from lags that may arise in the process of studying the world of Dark Souls 3 from owners of weak machines.

Liberation of AGM

Before running Dark Souls 3, complete all applications that consume rAM. The game should be run on behalf of the administrator in compatibility mode.

Change full-screen mode on the window

If when you start a player, the player is watching a black screen, most likely its system does not meet the minimum requirements. However, the transition from full-screen in the window mode can help solve this problem.

Check the integrity of the application installation

Why doesn”t Dark Souls run 3? One of the reasons may be the lack of system files. The fact is that when installing the antivirus can take the game files for malicious software and block them. This will result in an error when starting. Solve the problem can re-install the game. However, before it starts, it is necessary to temporarily disable the computer”s protective system.

Updating DirectX library to the latest version

Thinking over how to run the game, the gamer first should update the DirectX library. The absence of one or more files may result in problems with the launch. For normal operation of the application, it is necessary that a minimum of the 11 version of the DirectX can be installed on the user”s computer. The library update will help solve the problem and understand what to do if crashes.

Periodically, players face the problem that crashes Dark Souls 3 at the most interesting point. There are several ways to solve the problem. The choice of suitable depends on the characteristics of the problem.

Departure occurs when using a fire

Many players have the collapse of the game occurs during the fire near the fire. Prevent departures will help reducing settings to the minimum. If the problem remains, it is worth starting the game again, giving preference to the class.

Departure occurs during the gameplay

If a player encounters an error when the game crashes during the passage without any of the prerequisites, you should check the availability of updates. If the installation of fresh content did not help, then maybe the reason for the departure lies in the conflict of the drivers. To resolve the problem, you must execute the update procedure. If the user is already standing on the user”s computer, then, on the contrary, the drivers should roll back to the version, in the presence of which the game functioned normally. Check the settings of the antivirus and firewall. They can block the system game files. You can temporarily disable them and try to start Dark Suls without them. If, after making manipulations, the problem remains, you should check the temperature of the graphics card. Her overheating can cause crash and answer to the question, why Dark Sulce 3 crashes?

Low frame rate

Low frame rate can be answered by the question: “Why slows down and constantly crashes Dark Souls 3.” First you need to make sure that the user”s computer meets the minimum game requirements. Then you should make sure that the program consumes the RAM is not functioning in the background. If they are present, then their work should be interrupted during the game. If used video Card NVIDIA, You should run the control console and in the 3D settings section to change the mode of operation by exposing the performance to the maximum.

How does one of the popular reviews for the PC version say Dark Souls 3, “Hardcore here starts before launching the game.” And this is true, because from Software seems to have decided to repeat what was with the first part known to their disgust work on personal computers. Well, let”s understand how to fix the most frequent mistakes, bugs and other PC-game brass problems.

However, if Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition The same badly behaved on all computers, then the third part behaves more sophisticated, selectively calling a variety of glitches and departures to the desktop strictly on certain configurations. As it turned out after collecting statistics, the owners of NVIDIA video cards were most prone to diverse errors, while the Red Camp (AMD) reports only about minimal failures.

However, this is just a common picture, and the devil, he, as they say, in detail. Therefore, let”s go to the main topic of the article – solving the technical problems of Dark Souls 3.

However, before complaining about these or other oddities of the Japanese brainchild, make sure your computer fully complies with the system requirements. In the case of DARK SOULS 3, this is especially important, because this game works on the engine Bloodborne, which came out on the PlayStation 4 and at one time was considered almost a non-symptom. So the “Systems” compared to the second part did not teased so much.

Dark SOULS 3 system requirements

Minimum system requirements:

OS.: Windows 7. (x64 only);CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 3.1 GHz | AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz;Oz: 4 GB;Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti | AMD Radeon HD 7950;HDD: 25 GB;Version of DirectX: 11 version.Recommended system requirements:OS.: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (x64 only);CPU: Intel Core I7-3770 3.4 GHz | AMD FX-8350 4 GHz;Oz: 8 GB;Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 | AMD RADEON R9 series;HDD: 50 GB;Version of DirectX: 11 version.Traditionally comment on this information. First, after tests it becomes clear that the minimum requirements are compiled based on the fact that the user with such a configuration will receive more or less stable 30 frames per second. From here and Intel Core I3, which gives a deceptive expectation that the game is a little more demanding Dark Souls 2, which, as you know, worked at all as you like, and it is extremely stable. Yes, it is impossible not to notice that Dark Souls 3 is more demanding Video card resources, and at the maximum settings, the graphics cannot load the processor from the Intel Core i5 initial line, even 80%, so that all the “brakes” are bound primarily with video memory.

But even a powerful video card hardly gives you “reinforced concrete” 60 fps, because the game, in addition to all the rest of your problems, is quite weakly optimized, and this concerns video cards like a red and green camp. We are waiting for new drivers and hope for the best.

Files, Drivers and Libraries

Before you start looking for your problem, you need to upgrade to latest version Driver of his video card:

Mandatory condition for the successful operation of any game is the presence of the most recent drivers for all devices in the system. Download the utility Driver Updater. To easily and quickly download the latest driver versions and install them with one click:

load Driver Updater. and run the program;system scanning (usually it takes no more than five minutes);update outdated drivers with one click.It is possible that you will have to update the auxiliary software, Like DirectX, Microsoft. Net Framework. and Microsoft Visual C ++: DLL Auxiliary Libraries: (Download) (Download) (Download) (Download)If you did all this, and the problem remains, you can search for it in the following list.

In DARK SOULS 3 black or white screen? Decision

Two colors – two different problems, no matter how banal it sounds.

The black screen in Dark Souls 3 is usually associated with the subsequent departure, while the user receives the error “stopped by Dark Souls 3” in the “gift”.

This happens when the game simply cannot boot even in the menu, which is usually connected either with missing files, drivers and libraries (see above) or with a non-compliance of system requirements (again, we look higher).


But the white screen is a typical program code error that popped up and during the presentations of the PC version of the game at exhibitions. To resolve the white screen, update the game to version 1.03. However, if you have licensed version Games that you honestly bought in Steam, the update will boot automatically.

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In Dark Souls 3 does not work mouse or keyboard? Decision

Management problems are far from news for games from predominantly console developers from Software.

And although nominally control with the mouse and keyboard in Dark Souls 3 is available, but in fact it is sometimes easier to play with the help of gamepad.

If you do not have a desire to change with the usual “claws”, we can advise you before running the game, disable all other USB devices, since the refusal to work may be related to the fact that a large number of devices cause conflict in the system, which is why When starting and begin malfunctions.

Does the DARK SOULS 3 do not work the controller? Decision

And sometimes it happens on the contrary – I want to play with the gamepad, and the game simply does not perceive it. In this case, you need to know that Dark Souls 3 on PC is absolutely correct only with official Xbox devices.

Thus, if you decide to play on the “left” controller, then morally prepare to use the utility (Xbox 360 CONTORLLER EMULATOR), which, as follows from the name, causes the system to think that you play the gamepad from the Xbox 360.

By the way, if you have a PlayStation 4, but you decided to buy a PC version of the game to enjoy the divine 60 frames per second, then you will be curious to learn that the X360CE works great with DualShock 4, so you can connect it and play with Also as well as on the console.

Dark Souls 3 crashes? Decision

This is one of the most annoying problems that the Dark Souls PC players faced 3. Above we wrote that the game is bravely working with NVIDIA cards, and this is expressed not only in low productivity, but also in the presence of numerous departures, whose nature Until now is not clear.


Most often, players complain that Dark Souls 3 crashes after the first fire, after which the departure is repeated after trying to sit at any other checkpoint in the game. You might think that these developers are having fun, hinting that in good by their creation you need to pass at all without fires, and therefore without conservation, but this is the most natural bug that will be corrected in the near patch.

So far you can take advantage of the following working solutions:

Reduce the quality of lighting in the game settings to a minimum;Choose a knight class on start or wear a helmet, fully closing the character”s head (do not ask why it works, we do not know).

Dark Souls 3 slows down? Decision

Another problem associated with NVIDIA video cards is an extremely low frame rate regardless of the configuration. According to the testimony of players, the work of Dark Souls 3 can be improved in several ways: In the settings of the NVIDIA control panel, set adaptive vertical synchronization and activate triple buffering;There, in the next menu, set the maximum performance preset (menu item “Manage 3D Settings”);Skip to the older version of the drivers – 314.22.

And, of course, it will not hurt to lower graphic settings, it can also help squeeze out several unnecessary frames per second from the game.

If you encounter the fact that Dark Souls III slows down, crashes, Dark Souls III does not start, Dark Souls III is not installed, control does not work in Dark Souls III, there are no sounds, pop up errors, do not work in DARK SOULS III – we offer you The most common ways to solve these problems.

First – check whether the characteristics of your PC meet the minimum system requirements:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 / 8.1 / 10 (64 bits)Processor: AMD A8 3870 3.6 GHz / Intel Core i3 2100 3.1 GHzMemory: 8 GBVideo: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 465 / ATI Radeon HD 6870HDD: 50 GBDirectX: 11.

Be sure to update the video card drivers and the other

Before remembering the most bad words and express them towards developers, do not forget to go to the official website of the manufacturer of your video card and download the latest drivers. Often, specially optimized drivers are being prepared for the release of games. You can also try to set a later version of the drivers if the problem is not solved by installing the current version.

It is important to remember that only the final versions of video cards should be downloaded – try not to use beta, as they can have a large number of not found and not corrected errors.

Do not forget that for stable operations of games, it is often required to install the latest version of DirectX, which can always be downloaded from the official Microsoft website.

Dark Souls III does not start

Many of the launching problems happen because of the incorrect installation. Check if there were no errors during installation, try removing the game and start the installer again, after turning off the antivirus – the files often need to work for the game are deleted. It is also important to remember that on the way to the folder with the installed game there should be no signs of Cyrillic – use for the names of the directories only the letters of the latice and numbers.

It does not prevent Check if there is enough space on the HDD to install. You can try to start the game on behalf of the administrator in compatibility mode with different versions of Windows.

Dark Souls III slows down. Low FPS. Lags. Friezes. Freezes

The first is to install fresh drivers on the video card, from this FPS in the game can significantly climb. Also check the computer load in the Task Manager (opens by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Escape). If you see before running the game, that some kind of process consumes too much resources – turn off its program or simply complete this process from the task manager.

Next, go to the graphics settings in the game. First of all, turn off the smoothing and try to reduce the settings that are responsible for post-processing. Many of them consume many resources and their disconnection will significantly increase productivity, not strongly affecting the quality of the picture.

DARK SOULS III flies on the desktop

If Dark Souls III often crashes on a working slot, try to start solving the problem with reducing the quality of graphics. It is possible that your computer simply lacks performance and the game cannot work correctly. It is also worth checking updates – most modern games have a system automatic installation New patches. Check if this option is turned off in the settings.

Black Screen in Dark Souls III

Most often, the problem with the black screen lies in the problem with graphics processor. Check if your video card meets the minimum requirements and put the latest version of the drivers. Sometimes the black screen is a consequence of insufficient CPU performance.

If everything is fine with iron, and it satisfies the minimum requirements – try switching to another window (Alt + Tab), and then return to the game window.

DARK SOULS III is not installed. Hung up installation

First of all, check if you have enough HDD to install. Remember that the installation program is required to work correctly, the stated space, plus 1-2 gigabytes free space on the system disk. In general, remember the rule – at a system disk should always be at least 2 gigabytes of free space for temporary files. Otherwise, both games and programs can not work correctly or altogether refuse to start.

Installation problems may also occur due to lack of an Internet connection or unstable operation. Also, do not forget to pause the operation of the antivirus during the installation time of the game – sometimes it interferes with the correct copying of the files or deletes them by mistake, counting with viruses.

In Dark Souls III do not work saving

By analogy with the past solution, check the availability of an HDD space – both on where the game is installed and on the system disk. Often saving files are stored in the document folder, which is located separately from the game itself.

Dark Souls III does not work.

Sometimes control in the game does not work due to the simultaneous connection of multiple input devices. Try turning off the gamepad or, if for some reason you have two keyboards or mouse, leave only one pair of devices. If you do not work the gamepad, remember – officially support only controllers defined as xbox joysticks. If your controller is determined differently – try using programs that emulate Xbox joysticks (for example, X360CE).

Sound does not work in Dark Souls III

Check if the sound works in other programs. After that, check whether the sound is not turned off in the settings of the game itself and whether the sound reproduction device is selected to which your speakers or headset are connected. Next, during the operation of the game, open the mixer and check if the sound is turned off there.

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If you use external sound card – Check for new drivers on the manufacturer”s website.

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