With an ultra-quiet brew innovation, Cuisinart SS-10 sucount ranks itself as an impeccable single-serve coffee maker. It seems identical to SS-700, but SS-10 is even more intensified in functionality than many kind of single-serve coffee machines in the sector.

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Your search for the single-serve coffee maker is finally over through this machine, and currently you need to take a deep breath and also review the thostormy review of premium SS-10. It is a functional and also fully programmable home-impending unit that provides most features at a rather affordable price range.

Cuisinart SS-10 Review

Cuisinart has actually a history of making consumer appliances and also the journey has actually been excellent so much. As we already understand that Cuisinart coffee equipments are immensely renowned for brewing coffee at homes, they are indeed involved in making toasters, sandwich makers, mixers as well as ovens.

Features And Specifications

The single-serve coffee maker that brews any kind of K-cup coffee pod5 obtainable bevereras sizes from 4-12 oz.72-ounce water reservoirPatented HomeBarista™ reusable filter cupIt has actually a removable water reservoirThere is a built-in water filterIt is Energy efficientRemovable drip tray for the convenience of the userThe measurement of the machine is 13 x 14.8 x 16.4 inchesThe weight of the machine is 9.5 pounds

Design And Compactness

The SS-10 version is redesigned to give it a sleeker and also contemporary look than the model SS-700. One thing to look for is the usage of plastic. Tbelow were doubts over the durability of plastic used to make this model, however it sure appears choose a version made to last for a great run. It is greatly made of housing plastic and also tright here are some stainmuch less steel parts. The all at once architecture is compact and also the machine is made to endure pressure and overuse with the passage of time.

Enhanced Capacity

Tbelow is a 72-ounce removable water reservoir that ensures that you won’t need to problem as well much around the refills. You can select from the 5 brew size options from (4-12 oz.) It is totally programmable, and it has actually a removable drip tray, so convenience is an included variable that renders this machine more tempting.

Ultra Fast Brewing Technology

This is among the finest features of this machine. If you prefer a hot delicious cup of energy-filled coffee early in the morning and that too without relocating many kind of muscles (it is fun to be lazy!) then you would love this machine. Tright here is no heat-up time required for this machine, and it brews in less than a minute. With one-touch button innovation, it brews a warm, tempting cup of coffee for you in no time at all – a good time to live in, right? If you have actually formerly offered Nespresso or Keurig makers that use coffee pods, you are sudepend going to love it.

Control Panel


The added manage panel takes care of all the hassle for you. There is a blue backlit LCD that assists in performing many type of features such as auto on/off timing, brew size, and unavoidable temperature. Cuisinart focuses a lot on making things straightforward for the users, and also this model is a clear instance of exactly how convenient they make points for the consumers.

Charcoal Water Filter

Tbelow is a charcoal water filter deployed in the machine to ensure that the best taste is achieved without the grounds entering the coffee and destroying the totality party. One point to notification is that charcoal water filter is well-known for its effectiveness and that defines why Cuisinart schosen to usage it over the other filters.

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Instant Rinse Feature

What more do you want once the machine cleans itself in a issue of seconds and also that too in in between brewing sessions. The rinse attribute is preferred by many type of individuals considering that it cleans the inside of the brew chamber in an instant.


Compatible through eincredibly type of cost-friendly K-Cup knownProgrammable and also easy to use72 oz. water reservoir renders it even more temptingDurableConvenient to clean


Some individuals reported it to be slowIt can produce a tiny messThere is no water reservoir light