Hi, All!I"m thinking around dipping mine toes in the 3D printing universe, and also I can acquire the Ender 3 V2 or the Anycubic Mega S for around the exact same price. Top top the surface, the Mega S has a *slightly* smaller bed, and also isn"t really upgradable, but the Anycubic appears to have actually a slightly far better print quality, comes through spare parts, and is method easier to acquire going with--or at the very least that"s what the reviews I"ve viewed tell me.Anyone have any type of thoughts on which way I have to go? Thanks!

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In that price variety it"s pretty tough to argue versus the big community and resources that comes v the ender 3 line. That said... Current prices room silly high when compared to historical market values... I"d wait until a decent revenue comes up and also you"d more than likely save close come $100.Looks to me choose the just thing the anycubic comes v that isn"t part of the base ender 3 V2 is the filament sensor, and I"d controversy that"s a nice-to-have, however honestly isn"t something the comes right into play all the often. Some kind of ABL is a much much more important upgrade.
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Thanks, sswilson; I"m kinda kicking myself now for not picking something increase on boxing day. I seem to recall over there were some pretty kind sales on.My interest in the anycubic isn"t so much that it"s gained snazzy features. I"m much more worried about the amount of time it takes to gain the Ender 3 up and also running. Over there seem to it is in a most nightmare stories around leveling and also having the components sit straight, and also all that. Is ABL some sort of active levelling? Is the something the Ender V2 has? Or are they both absent that?


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As far as setup goes....There are rather a couple of videos out there for the ender 3 line that cover best practices throughout assembly. I actually went earlier and redid mine assembly a couple of main after getting it just to make sure I had it right. I wasn"t experiencing any kind of issues but decided to perform it just to be sure.danmitch1 is just one of the examples of somebody that did not have a an excellent experience through his very first ender3. So lot so the he reverted it and also got a different model. That said, his endure wasn"t typical, most folks room up and also printing in no time, and also learn just how to obtain the best feasible prints end time. (The original Ender 3 was good for this together I spent the very first month or so printing off upgrades which gave me examples to discover by).Personally, based on my suffer with the ender 3, I"d introduce grabbing either a V2 + bltouch, or a pro + bltouch + skr mini E3 instead of motherboard.