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Genre: Racing, Rally / Off-Road Racing Developer: THQ Publisher: THQ ESRB Rating: Everyone Release Date: December 19, 2007

When you go to the carnival go up the steps to the roller-coaster then go throughthe area with no gate and turn then your on the roller-coaster.

When you reach the part of the track where thereare a lot of bumps in the track, pull back and gostraight you will go faster and accelerateinstead in slowing down or staying the same speed.

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When you go to the championship for money only.Qualify! You will keep the point”s unlike youwould in other racing games.

There is a hint on the game that says lean backthe push forward on the analog stick to jumphigh and far. But lean forward and pull back tojump the highest but not far. This works on theski jump and for multi tricks on ramps for tightcorners.

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