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Remember when your little nugget was born? Wasn’t it just magical to see her little face for the first time? Not many moments compare to giving birth to a little princess and why not crown the moment by naming her after a Disney one? Every little girl holds a place a royalty in their parent’s hearts (sorry boys) but if the name Ariel, Belle, or Aurora aren’t doing it for you, Disney has millions of female characters you can choose from. Forget a baby book of names. Break out your favorite Disney movies and binge until you find the one you can imagine cheering for at a school play or ballet recital. Luckily we’ve done the heavy lifting (and binge-watching) for you.


Disney/PixarDaisy — Original Mickey Mouse CastElastiGirl — The IncrediblesElizabeth — Pirates of the CaribbeanElla — CinderellaElsa — FrozenEmma — Cinderella Esmerelda — The Hunchback of Notre DameEvangeline — The Princess and the FrogEve — WALL-EFaline — BambiFinn — Star WarsFinley — Oz: The Great and PowerfulFlora — Sleeping Beauty Georgette — Oliver & CompanyGiselle — EnchantedGrace — Home on the RangeHarmony — Sing Me a Story With BelleHazel — Donald Duck CartoonsIris — FantasiaIsabel — Elena of AvalorJade — Sofia the FirstJane — TarzanJasmine — AladdinJune — Donald Duck CartoonsKamala — MiraRoyal DetectiveKatrina — The Legend of Sleepy HollowKiara — The Lion King II: Simba’s PrideKida — Atlantis: The Lost EmpireKim — Kim PossibleKit — TaleSpinLaila — Sky HighLaverne — The Hunchback of Notre DameLeah — Sleeping BeautyLeila — Sleeping BeautyLilo — Lilo and StitchLily — Peter PanMae — Monsters, Inc.Marian — Robin HoodMary — Mary PoppinsMeena — MiraRoyal DetectiveMeg — HerculesMelinda — Mickey Mouse CartoonsMerida — BraveMia — The Princess DiariesMindy — BoltMinnie — Original Mickey Mouse CastMira — MiraRoyal DetectiveMiranda — Sofia the FirstNala — The Lion KingNarissa — EnchantedNina — Nina Needs to Go!Olivia — The Great Mouse DetectivePearl — Finding NemoPinky — MiraRoyal DetectivePriya — MiraRoyal DetectivePenny — The RescuersRachel — FantasiaRobin — Robin Hood


DisneyRose — Sleeping BeautyRuby — The Lady and the Tramp IISarah — Treasure PlanetSashi — Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroShanti — MiraRoyal DetectiveShego — Kim PossibleShenzi — The Lion KingSkara — The Owl HouseSofia — Sofia the FirstStella — The Princess and the FrogSuri — Dinosaur Sylvia — An Extremely Goofy MovieTaffyta — Wreck-It RalphTanana — Brother Bear Thalia — HerculesTiana — The Princess and the FrogTillie — Silly Symphonies Tinkerbell — Peter PanTui — MoanaTuti — AmphibiaUrsula — The Little MermaidVanellope — Wreck-It RalphVanessa — The Little MermaidViolet — The IncrediblesVidia — Disney FairiesVixey — The Fox and the HoundWendy — Peter PanWilhelmina — Atlantis: The Lost EmpireWillow — Pocahontas Winnie — Winnie the PoohYzma — The Emperor’s New GrooveZooey — Sofia the First

Names from Disney Channel

If you’ve seen all the Disney movies, odds are you’ve stumbled across Disney Channel too.

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Looking for more girl names to add to your baby list? We’ve compiled a list from some of Disney Channel’s most popular shows. 

Penny — The Proud FamilyLaCienega — The Proud FamilyDijonay — The Proud FamilyNubia — The Proud FamilyZoey — The Proud FamilyTrudy — The Proud FamilyJessie — JessieEmma — JessieZuri — JessieAlly — Austin & AllyTrish — Austin & AllyLiv — Liv and MaddieMaddie — Liv and MaddieCeCe — Shake It Up!Rocky — Shake It Up!Tinka — Shake It Up!Avery — Dog with a BlogChloe — Dog with a BlogEllen — Dog with a BlogLindsay — Dog with a BlogChyna — A.N.T. FarmOlive — A.N.T. FarmLexi — A.N.T. FarmLola — Camp RockChelsea — That’s So Raven/Raven’s HomeAlana — That’s So RavenKeely — Phil of the FuturePim — Phil of the FutureTaylor — Cow BellesCourtney — Cow BellesChanel — The Cheetah GirlsMaddie — The Suite Life of Zack and CodyAgnes — The Suite Life of Zack and CodySharpay — High School Musical, High School Musical 2, High School Musical 3: Senior YearCamille — Kim PossibleCandace — Phineas and FerbIsabella — Phineas and FerbPepper — Upside-Down MagicHaley — American Dragon: Jake LongSally — Mike’s Super Short ShowCasey — Life with DerekGabriella — Christmas AgainDaphne — Stuck in the MiddleAcari — Kim PossibleAdrena Lynn — Kim PossibleAkute — Kim PossibleAmelia — Kim PossibleAthena — Kim PossibleBebe — Kim PossibleBonnie Rockwaller — Kim PossibleCrystal — Kim PossibleDebutante — Kim PossibleElectronique — Kim PossibleFukushima — Kim PossibleNakasumi — Kim PossibleSummer Gale — Kim PossibleToshimiru — Kim PossibleVinnie — Kim PossibleWanda Wong — Kim PossibleWarmonga — Kim PossibleYori — Kim PossibleZita — Kim Possible

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