Can You Save Ps1 Games On Ps2 ? Do Playstation 2 Memory Cards Work With Ps1 Games

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Do I need a Playstation 1 memory card to store Playstation 1 games on a PS2. or can I store playstation 1 and PS2 games on a PS2 memory card?Thanks, the manual was vague and I don”t have either memory card type yet…
Correct me if I”m wrong, but I think that the PS2 is backwards compatible so the PS1 mem card should work on it.I think you should be able to use a PS2 mem card to store PS1 games on it. But I have never tried it.
you cant save PSX games to a PS2 memory card on the PS2 console. ive tried it for 3 of my PSX games to no avail. PS2 games require PS2 mem cards and PSX games require PSX mem terms of backwards compatibility, it just means the PS2 console can accept PSX mem cards in certain uses for only PSX games.

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darnit… Are you serious???I was afraid of that. So, to play Final Fantasy I need to buy a PS1 mem card and to play Metal Gear Solid I need a PS2 memory card. Am I correct? Can someone else please confirm before I go out and buy both?Man oh man is Sony milking us for profit!
Yeah you need 2 different memory cards. I think it”s just that the 2 types of cards have different formats to them, so the ps1 game is looking for the old format.
You are correct. It sux. Also, I hate to stress the backwards-compatible thing. I had a Mad Catz controller for my PS1, and when I got the PS2 this summer it would not work right at all! the L1, L2, & R2, bottons would not really work. If you own old PS1 analog controllers, I don”t think you”ll have a problem though. Good thing I have a BUNCH of PS1 memory cards. It”s quite an inconvience to have to switch them around to save for different system games. If they had only made a memory card that held both. I”m sure someone will make it soon.
15 blocks on each PS1 memory card, average of 1 block needed per game, some take alot more than 1, just depends what you”re saving
PS2 games need a PS2 Memory card (Standard Size: 8mb)PS1 games need a PS1 Memory card (Standard Size: 15blocks or ~1mb)The two are not inter-changable. To answer an above question, to play Final Fantasy 10, you need a PS2 memory card. To play Metal Gear Solid 1, you need a PS1 memory card. Conversly, to play FF 7, 8, or 9, you need a PS1 Memory card and to play MGS2 you need a PS2 memory card. However, nearly all playstation 1 and 2 games will play on PS2. Hope that helps, if you need more info, PM me
Just curious…I have a few PSX games that have bad framerate at certain situations. If I play these graphics-intensive PS1 games on a PS2, will the framerate improve?
No. The PlayStation2 emulates the PS1 hardware exactly. So no, you won”t see any framerate improvement. However, there are settings that do improve things like image quality enhancement and anti-aliasing, though these settings don”t work with all PS1 games.

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Unfourtunately No. Even though the PS2 has a 24x CD/4x DVD, it”s plays all PS1 games at only 2x (the speed of the original PlayStation”s Drive).

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