Can I Put A Glass Plate In The Oven ? Can You Put A Glass Plate In The Oven

Glass, aluminum and ceramic, oh my! Sometimes it can get confusing to keep straight the many materials in the kitchen and how to use them. Which bowls are dishwasher safe, and what can go in the microwave? Which containers are recyclable? It”s especially important to pay attention when putting materials into high heat, since putting the wrong material in the microwave or oven can be dangerous if that”s not where it belongs. One such situation that commonly arises in the kitchen is the question of whether you can put glass in the oven.

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Can Glass Go in the Oven?


However, even if your glass bakeware is labeled as oven safe or tempered, it”s always better safe than sorry! For one, you should check your glassware for any cracks or scratches before using it. Even being oven safe won”t protect a glass that is on the verge of breakage, and it will likely shatter once exposed to high heat.

Along with this, many glass dishes labeled as oven safe still have a temperature limit. It”s best to search for this along with the oven safe label, to make sure that your recipe won”t require a temperature higher than your glassware”s limit.

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Another thing to keep in mind when using glass is that even oven safe glass doesn”t do well with sudden temperature changes, as this can cause a glass break. For instance, when reheating leftovers in a glass container, it”s best not to transport them directly from the fridge to the preheated oven. Instead, take them out of the fridge and let them reach room temperature before placing in the oven.

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This also works the other way; a glass dish isn”t meant to go onto a cold surface directly from the oven. Placing hot glassware onto a cold surface like a countertop or stovetop causes a risk of cracking because of the extreme temperature change. It”s always better to place your hot glass on an oven mitt or hot pad rather than directly onto the cold surface.

Using these guidelines, you should be able to safely use your glassware for any recipe you desire, from casseroles to chicken to brownies. Enjoy!

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