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In this Mad Tv sketch Darrel goes into the movies and sees this girl sitting all by herself. He goes and tries to to talk to her asking “Can I talk to you for a minute” and “Can I have your Number.” Its really funny sketch Darrel just keeps pestering her asking if she has a boyfriend and then asks for her number. He keeps on talking to her trying to convince her to give him her number. Then Darrel starts making fun of her name Evan. He keeps asking and asking for her number but keeps getting rejected he tries flirting with her and making fun of her ponytail. All kinds of stuff you know Darrel just needs to keep trying and maybe he could her Number. Good luck for him.Nicole Randall Johnson (she is a girl) plays Darrell, which is spelled Darrell but pronounced like Durrell. He is always seen in a long yellow shirt with a pull-over argyle sweater. He wears a do-rag on his head and one pant leg pulled up. He tries to pick up women, but his persistence in getting their numbers, and his compliments overwhelm them, and they end up leaving. He constantly licks his lips and asks women about their boyfriends, where they live, and what they like to do. Here is a Transcript to the skit:Can I Have Your Number??Damn.DAMN!OH DAMN!Ok, ok, ok.Ahem.‘Scume ca’I talk to yo fo a minute?ESCUME ca’I TALK TO YOU FO A MINUTE?Uhh, yeah, whats up?Uhh, yeah, uhh, my name Darrell, its spelled like Darrell but it’s said pronounced Darrell.Uhh, yeah, I just wanna let you know the back of your head IS RIDICULOUS!Uhh, thanks.Yeah, you are WELCOME.Where’s your boyfriend?Oh my, wha—uh, who?Your boyfriend! Where your boyfriend at? Is she getting’ you refreshments? Is he tall? Is he gettin’ you Mike n Ikes? Oh, you like Mike n Ikes? Is he hefty? Is he comin’ back? Where your boyfriend? Where you boyfriend at? Where your boyfriend?Oh—uh I don’t, I don’t have a boyfriend.Oh you DON’T? Oh you DON’T have a boyfriend?Oh ok, ok, ok, dats coo, yeah.So LISTEN, umm, I was wonderin’, can I have yo numba? Can I have yo numba?No, I-I-I don’t give out my number…in theaters, where I’m about to watch a movie.Ohhh, oh ok, ok, dats coo, dats coo, I get it, you know.You-You all into ponderin’ like cinemas n make believes n celluloids.Yeah, yeah ok, ok, me too, me too, ok, yeah, yeah, I respect that. Yeah, keep doin’ your thing Miss Shallot. Miss Gene Shallot. Yeah, yeah that’s cute.WHAT’S YOUR NAME DELICATE?OHH! OHH! Umm..Yvonne.OH YVONNE?AW DAMN! HOLD UP!THAT’S A FRENCH *** NAME YVONNE!Yeah my lil croissant. Lil cheese, on my croissant. YEAH, mmmm!So LISTEN, Ca’I have yo numba? Could I have yo numba?Look, this is my day off and I just want to watch this movie…alone. I’m sorry.Oh ok, ok, no I get it, I get it.

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I respect that….So I can’t have it??Uhh, no I just don’t give it out.OOOOOOHHHH, ok, ok, I get it, I get it.Ok, you uhh, you bein’ all selective ‘cause you got a PONYTAIL. RIGHT? RIGHT?You think a lotta men cant handle the REGALNESS of a UP DO, right? Right?You all like Grace Kelly. Grace Kelly. Grace Kelly.No, no I’m not being anything because I have a ponytail.Oh, Yvonne, Yvonne, Yvonne, Yvonne, Girl. Yvonne, Yvonne. Don’t be insecure girl.OWN that ponytail! WORK that up do!OK, I will.Aw damn, you kinda sexy when you take my advice, girl, I like that.Yeah, I like that, yeah.So, uh, so listen, CA’I HAVE YO NUMBA? Could I have it? Could I have it? Could I please receive the secret code that if entered telephonically it will pass me through to you which means it will be your beautiful *** numba?No, no.Could I have it? No come on could I have it? Can I have it? Could I have it? Can I? Can I? Can I have it? Ca’I have it? Can I have it? No, no, the previews are about to start and I-I just want to ponder them…alone, so, but thanks anyway.Oh, ok, ok alright, dats coo, dats coo, no, no, I get it, you know. You wanna like, you know, go through the all the intricacies of cinema. Ok. Ok. Yeah, so you, you know, keep-you keep doin’ your thing. You know, keep doin your thing. Yvonne Shallot, Yvonne Shallot. My little brie, yeah, ok bye. Alright, alright. I will miss you, though, will miss you. Alright you enjoy your day girl, alright? Take care. Alright. I luh you…

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