Can I Give My Dog Alka Seltzer ? Can I Give My Dog Alka Seltzer

Alka Seltzer is commonly used as an antacid, a pain reliever, and an allergy reliever.

Some swear that it can even help kick cold symptoms.

Because of its many uses, some people may wonder if it is safe to give to their four-legged friends.

Can You Give Your Dog Alka Seltzer?

The short answer is that no, you should never give your dog Alka Seltzer tablets.

Although there are over 30 different types of Alka Seltzer, almost all are not safe for dogs, and some of the PLUS products can be particularly harmful.

Why Alka Seltzer Is Bad for Dogs

To understand why Alka Seltzer is bad for dogs, you need to understand the ingredients that it is made out of.

Some varieties can contain aspirin, which can damage the lining of your dog’s stomach.

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