Over the past few years, i have owned a many Bluetooth speakers. In fact, I’ve found myself in the sector for a new Bluetooth speaker much more often than I would like, for a variety of reasons. In some cases, i was careless enough to gain sand or water in the speaker; in others, the speaker was damaged beyond repair by exterior forces (more on that later). Most of the time, ns was secretly relieved the I essential a new speaker, because the one ns was replacing didn’t carry out the sound high quality I needed to effectively enjoy mine music.

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Oontz angle 3

Oontz edge 3The OontZ edge 3 is fairly compact: it actions 5.3 x 2.6 x 2.8 inches and also weighs only 10 ounces, It has actually a best volume output of 10 Watts. OontZ edge 3 is splashproof, rainproof, dustproof and also sandproof, i m sorry is around as high a rating together you can expect native a speaker that’s not particularly designed to go in the water

Bluetooth speakers space fast coming to be the wanted audio choice for many consumers: they’re portable, compatible with almost every phone, and are a breeze to use. Yet while those space important, the primary focus for many users is the high quality of the sound. Sure, there’s bound to it is in a drop-off in sound top quality from a hi-fi audio mechanism with surround-sound speakers. If you’re like me, you aren’t expecting a Bluetooth speak to market the same sound quality as a complete stereo system, but you are expecting the the speaker i will not ~ make your music sound favor a tinny mess as soon as you use it. The said, ns don’t know around you, however I can not afford come spend thousands of dollars on high-end Bluetooth speakers – specifically with mine habit of having actually to replace them every couple of months.

And this is where it gets tricky.

As a musician and a music lover, I have actually a finely-tuned sense of just how a tune is claimed to sound (the means it does v my noise-canceling headphones), so I also need a Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t to decrease the high quality of the music when I use it. There is no easier method to destroy my enjoyment of a track than through listening come it through a speaker that can’t properly catch all the elements. However as necessary as quality is, I also need a speaker that won’t fully drain my wallet.

I’ve dabbled v a variety of Bluetooth speaker in the past, and also most of them have actually come up brief in one way or another. Some speakers have crisp mids and highs, yet can’t take care of the low end frequencies, making them good for quiet listening yet a rumbly, staticky mess when I rotate up the volume. Others space better-equipped for the short end, however sacrifice clarity on the middle and higher frequencies, muffling the in its entirety sound and also leaving me feeling like I’ve been stuffed in a car trunk next to a subwoofer.

Until recently, I thought that was just the trade-off I’d have to accept, at least until I can afford a top-of-the-line Bluetooth speaker. And then I uncovered the OontZ edge 3 indigenous Cambridge SoundWorks.

* * *

The Cambridge SoundWorks name has actually long been synonymous with high-quality audio. when I was younger, a Cambridge hi-fi system was the cream that the crop, the sort of stereotype you can buy once and also hang onto for the following 30 years. At first, Cambridge SoundWorks withstood dipping your toes into the Bluetooth speak market, preferring rather to maintain its emphasis on hi-fi stereo systems. Yet as the demand for hi-fi stereos has dwindled, Cambridge SoundWorks had to adapt in order to survive.

Their first rounds that Bluetooth speaker (the OontZ edge 1 and also OontZ angle 2) to be well-received: they offered comparable quality to bigger-name Bluetooth speaker companies choose Jawbone and Bose, yet at a fraction of the price. The biggest problem with their very first two speaker was to mark the ideal balance in between clarity and also bass, yet with the OontZ edge 3, Cambridge SoundWorks appears to have actually solved that mystery.

Oontz angle 3 Plus evaluation – Overview


There are three execution of the OontZ angle 3, all with varying features: the OontZ edge 3, OontZ edge 3 PLUS, and also OontZ angle 3XL. (Since I just own the traditional OontZ edge 3, I’ll execute my finest not to speculate around the performance of the 3 PLUS and also the 3XL.) every of the speakers room compatible with IOS and also any other Bluetooth-capable smartphone, for this reason no issue what type of phone girlfriend have, remainder assured it’ll job-related with the OontZ angle 3. And if you have an Echo period or a Kindle, the OontZ edge 3 will job-related with those devices as well.

Pairing can sometimes be a little of a problem if there are multiple phones linked to the speaker. The OontZ edge 3 often tends to immediately pair with the critical phone that provided it, and unpairing the phone/pairing a new one can gain a bit frustrating at times. That said, that appears to it is in a pretty common issue among most Bluetooth speakers.

The OontZ edge 3 additionally doesn’t have actually the choice to adjust tracks or adjust the volume on the unit chin — every it has is a Play/Pause button. So if you the sort of human who pipeline their phone in another room and also wants to control the music indigenous the unit itself, you’ll more than likely need the PLUS version or the 3XL variation (both of which additionally offer track back/track forward options on the unit).

Speaker Sound Quality

The OontZ angle 3 has a maximum volume calculation of 10 Watts, i m sorry is plenty for little to tool get-togethers. and also though girlfriend would intend the high quality of the bass to lessen in proportion to the volume, the Passive bass Radiator in the OontZ angle 3 offers much better bass high quality without sacrificing the vital clarity to fully enjoy her music. If you have a substantial house party, you might find it a small hard come hear the text or higher-end frequences end the din, but having provided it firsthand at my very own parties, I deserve to attest that you’ll still have the ability to hear the an effective bass tones end the noise.

Like numerous other Bluetooth speakers, the OontZ edge 3 can additionally be used as an assistant speaker for phone calls, and it performs admirably in this regard as well. Phone calls are around as clear together they are with headphones or her phone’s handset function, yet I’d advise no straying too much from the speaker as soon as you’re on phone call calls: it renders a much better speaker than a microphone.

Speaker Portability

As I noted above, one that the an essential selling clues of any type of Bluetooth speaker is portability. We’re previous the days of the D-battery-powered boombox on your shoulder; a an excellent Bluetooth speaker should have enough heft come it the you recognize the products used in its building and construction are high-quality, yet shouldn’t it is in so cumbersome the you feel weighted down by the if you’re delivering it in a backpack.

Frankly, the quantity of beat this speaker package is remarkable offered its unobtrusive size. The OontZ edge 3 is quite compact: it procedures 5.3 x 2.6 x 2.8 inches and also weighs only 10 ounces, make it slightly heavier 보다 an iphone phone 7 Plus. Cambridge SoundWorks does sell a carrying situation for the OontZ edge 3, yet for the budget-conscious, it’s most likely an unnecessary expense. If friend wanted, you could easily to the right the OontZ edge 3 in your pocket for straightforward transportation — no shoulder-mounting required.

The battery life ~ above the OontZ angle 3 is good, but not great: it offers up come 12 hours of consistent use, i beg your pardon is solidly in the middle of the fill in regards to its competitors. If you planning a weekend away, you’ll desire to save an eye on the battery and also be sure to lug the micro USB charging cable with you to ensure the battery doesn’t die throughout use. Unfortunately, the OontZ angle 3 go not sell a replaceable battery (the 3XL variation does), for this reason you’re stuck to the one you have.

Speaker Durability

One that the key reasons I wanted a Bluetooth speaker to be to be able to have a way to hear to music in ~ the coast or outside without having actually to usage headphones or threat blowing the end my phone’s built-in speakers. However I recognize it deserve to be a little nerve-wracking acquisition your Bluetooth speaker right into the wilderness: there’s nothing worse than coming back from the beach and also realizing her speaker is clogged through sand or, worse, water. (And trust me, I’ve lost my fair share of speakers to sand and water.)

Remember exactly how I stated you more than likely won’t require the moving case? Well, it is partly due to the fact that the OontZ angle 3 features an IPX5 rating. It’s not designed to go in the water, and also I i will not ~ recommend leaving the outdoors overnight, but you won’t need to worry about a little rain or sand damaging the unit. that IPX5 rating method the OontZ angle 3 is splashproof, rainproof, dustproof and sandproof, i beg your pardon is about as high a rating as you have the right to expect native a speaker that’s not particularly designed to walk in the water. And from experience, those waterproof speakers are an ext concerned about durability than they are around sound quality, so while it’s nice to have actually a speak that deserve to float in the pool v you, it’s no worth the trade-off that the worse sound.

The OontZ angle 3 is likewise built to resist some boy dropping and also mishandling — the rubber wrapping on the end helps cushion the speak from any unexpected falls, i beg your pardon is a great added benefit. To mine dismay, however, the OontZ edge 3 is not dog-proof, together I recently discovered out as soon as I came back from a weekend away to discover my speaker chewed to pieces and scattered roughly my apartment. It absolutely makes a much better speaker 보다 a chew toy, in spite of what my dog Max could think.

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Final thoughts on the Oontz angle 3

In fact, ns can’t think that a much better endorsement for the OontZ angle 3 보다 the reality that ns promptly ordered an additional one to replace the original after that is untimely death at Max’s hand (or teeth). If you’re looking to spend as small money as possible, there space cheaper alternatives out there. Yet for the price, i haven’t discovered a speaker that strikes the balance the quality, durability and affordability the this speaker offers as disputed in our Oontz angle 3 add to review.