Bowers And Wilkins Vs Bang And Olufsen, B&O Car Audio Or B&W Car Audio

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First off, sound is very subjective. What sounds great to me might sound mediocre to you.  Also, you didn”t get into any specifics. I mean, both B&O and B&W are bound to have both really expensive and somewhat “cheap” products within the field of car audio. It”d be easier to help if you wanted to know what people thought of “B&O Model XXX” vs “B&W” Model XXX”. In addition to the above, this might not be an ideal place to ask about car audio, as people here are primarily into headphones. But let”s hope someone is able to help you out. I for one know nothing about car audio. 
Haha woops my mistake! I meant which sounds better on paper. But yeah I now realize that was a stupid question because both companies have audio systems of varying price.
Well I guess I”ll ask for a comparison of both companies car audio system that”s in the cheapest car available with it (which is better on paper). Which companies audio system is more transparent? Which companies is more natural? Which companies has more of a flat frequency response?

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It”s hard to say – the acoustic environment is the biggest determinant of sound quality when you get into speakers; so in this scenario, we”re actually going to be comparing complete vehicles to one another in terms of which one has the “best sound” based on the acoustic environment the vehicle itself presents. Sure, the quality of the speakers matters too, but if they”re put in the worst possible places it will sound like garbage. Alternately, fairly mundane speakers can sound very good if they”re placed right.  All of that said, I”d absolutely not waste a minute thinking about boutique branded car audio solutions – it”s just a gimmick to make already expensive vehicles more expensive (just like the Mark Levinson branded stuff in Lexus cars (consider that a real Mark Levinson setup costs more than a Lexus…)). If you want “good” car audio, you”ll probably have to do it yourself (aftermarket), and most conventional hi-fi brands do not apply (I think Pioneer is probably one exception, but what I mean is – don”t buy into brands like Mark Levinson, B&W, Linn, Bose, etc that will licence their name out to some OEM (like Delco) to create an “upsell” product that allows a few thousand of mark-up to be added to the car).  I”m sure some car audio fanatic will be annoyed by the following, however: I highly doubt you will ever approach “neutral” or “flat” in any automotive environment, and even if you could, why bother with the extreme expense of fixing the acoustic (hell) environment that is a car?

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