Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution Vs Pet Pro, Proheat 2X® Revolution® Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner

If you are looking for a carpet cleaner and shampooer, Bissell fits the bill. But which cleaner is best suited for pets? This Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution vs Pet Pro article looks into a pair of leading carpet cleaners to figure out which one suits your needs.

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Keeping pets means compromising your your cleanliness expectations. They often track dirt from outside, shed fur inside your home, and they may even urinate or defecate where they shouldn’t. Keeping your home clean with pets is a daunting task, even when you lay an absorbent material on your floors to help mitigate the damage. So, how do you keep your home clean and tidy without having to get rid of your pets?

The right carpet cleaner provides the solution to your needs. These machines are versatile and powerful, offering quick action against stains and odors. The fact is, it’s ridiculous to get rid of your pet just to restore your house to its clean order. Therefore, let a carpet cleaner come to your rescue. Let’s explore Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution vs Pet Pro to figure out which one is the ideal option.

What Does The Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution Offer?


BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full Size Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer with Antibacterial Spot & Stain Remover, 1548

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Features Outcleans the leading rental carpet cleaning machine and half the weight (cleaning results compared to the leading rental machine based on measurement of color reflectance and brightness of carpet fibers) Carpet dries in about an hour—no need to wait; use Express Clean Mode as a time-saver! The carpets & area rugs will dry in about an hour. Tested on new carpet in Express Clean Mode. Results may vary Antibacterial cleaning—deep clean your carpets to clean and control odor-causing bacteria hiding in your carpet. Power Rating: 6.8 amps; Cleaning Path Width: 11″ Dual DirtLifter PowerBrushes & Heatwave Technology—the dual DirtLifter PowerBrushes dig deep into carpet fibers, loosening and removing ground-in dirt and Heatwave Technology will help maintain your water temperature;Edge Sweep Brushes:Yes 7 foot Hose, Spot Cleaning Tools, 2 Bissell shampoo formula samples, and a 3-year limited warranty; 1 Gallon tank capacity, so you don”t have to refill and empty tanks often

The Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution is designed for powerful output, making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks. It is also built to handle compact and unorthodox cleaning needs, such as working on the stairs or in harder to reach spots. The lightweight, upright model will deliver a thorough scrub on your carpet, allowing you to get rid of pet stains with minimal fuss.

Alongside a large capacity tank, the model also offers an extended reach. You will be able to work over different surfaces without needing to reattach your model to the power outlet. It is comfortable, easy to set up and use, and very powerful. It also offers a protective cover for its nozzle and brush roll, reducing the need for maintenance and improving the durability of the model. If used well, this model should deliver quality output for a long time.

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What Are The Top Features Of The Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution?

These are some of the key features of the Proheat 2X Revolution.

Design and Build

The lightweight and upright Proheat 2X revolution will work well on a number of surfaces thanks to its design. It is a sturdy cleaner with comfortable and convenient rollers. It also features a grip handle for added comfort when moving. The lightweight model has a large capacity clean water tank, which facilitates more work at a go without any interruptions. It also features a lengthy cord that should allow for unhindered work.

Cleaning Action

The model features Bissell’s CleanShot technology which pre-treats your carpet while preparing for thorough cleaning. The deep penetration power of the scrubbing system should help address any embedded stains and notorious pet accidents that you might have trouble dealing with. It offers a dual cleaning mode that allows you to address different types of stains.

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Tools and Attachments

The Proheat 2X Revolution lacks the pet tools on offer with the Pet Pro, but it is a versatile performer that can handle pet accidents with ease. It supports upholstery and fabric cleaning besides your carpet. Alongside the upholstery attachments, this model also features an EZ brush roll cover for added protection when in use.

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