Betrayal At House On The Hill Vs Mansions Of Madness, Betrayal At House On The Hill Vs

To those who have played both, are they both different enough it's worthwhile to get both? I have heard good things about both games and I am positive I'd enjoy either. However if both are very similar I'd prefer to get one.

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So I guess I'm asking what's different between both games. What is a unique aspect of each such as perhaps a mechanism or theme or whatever? In your opinion are they both different enough to merit a purchase consideration for both?

Of course everybody else are welcome to add their two cents and all I ask is if you haven't actually played either or both, please be sure to mention that.



I think the biggest difference is that Betrayal is randomized every time and the scenario gets selected “randomly” halfway through the game while in MoM the scenario is selected by the players at the beginning and the randomization changes only the tile placement and the monsters you'll encounter.

Also Betrayal turns into 1 vs many game after the Haunting.

Both are really good games but I like MoM more.

The expansion has a lot of other haunt options. I haven't looked at the actual haunts, but the breakdown of who the traitor is/traitors are seems more balanced (or should I say less unbalanced).

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I've only played Betrayal but watched videos on MoM. Don't get me wrong; I love the shit out of Betrayal. Not in the way you love a genuinely deep, challenging strategy game, but in the way you love a cheesy, schlocky horror movie with silly logic and cliche scares. It's pulp fun, and I adore it.

MoM is, from what I can tell, one of the best Cthulhu/mythos games on the market right now, with a lot of depth and story, high quality miniatures and pieces, a fantastic app, and genuinely challenging gameplay.

However you can also buy Betrayal 3-4 times over with the amount of money you pay for MoM. So…take that into consideration.

For me, Mansions of Madness is more akin to dungeon crawlers like Descent or Imperial Assault while Betrayal at House on the Hill is a narrative game more akin to Tales of Arabian Nights. Thus they are different enough to get both.

So in Mansions of Madness you can plan and make decisions, and then dice rolls may mess up your plans and random events will make the game harder; while in Betrayal at House on the Hill you will have random tile draws, random card draws, random dice rolls, and a randomly determined haunt (based on the previous 3 things) means you can't really plan but “experience the ride” the game gives you.

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Both are worthy of owning in my opinion. Mansions is great for a longer more fully cooperative game (with the potential of a traitor) while Betrayal is a light experience that plays faster and doesn't require the same level of cognitive effort during play (closer to a “beer and pretzel” game).

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