From what ns read, Atmos or DTS:X is not recommended for a vaulted ceiling room. Is DTS online X what I have to be trying to find for a large room v a vaulted ceiling? Soundbar referrals are welcome. Thanks!


If i were you i wouldn't worry around your vaulted ceilings and also I would certainly still get an Atmos/DTS-X qualified system since they are merely the best tech and sound out there ideal now. Anything without this technology is walking to it is in an inferior product. You will still obtain the overhead sounds they may just be a tiny different. When I to be hearing demos at best Buy the ceiling to be super high. Greater than any house and I can still hear the overhead sounds comes from the Samsung Q90R which is the sound bar I extremely recommend friend buy if you can still uncover one. That is Samsung's flagship version from critical year and also it's a an excellent system. I love mine and it kills anything indigenous Bose IMHO. Ns am not a pan of Bose and their 20+ year old tech.

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I came throughout this thread due to the fact that I'm currently searching for details on Dolby Atmos and also DTS:X solutions for ceilings the aren't 100% flat. Not soundbars, yet ceiling-mounted speakers, wall-mounted elevation speakers, and upward-firing speakers. First, just due to the fact that something has Dolby Atmos or DTS:X doesn't instantly make the a good product. There room other components to consider. Second, you stated that during your demonstrate at ideal Buy of the soundbar the you mentioned, overhead audio sounded choose it to be coming from the soundbar. If the sounds that were supposed to sound like they to be coming indigenous overhead, instead sounded favor they to be coming from the soundbar in former of you, climate I'd say the the show at best Buy failed. I don't know whether that's because of the virtualization algorithm, the style of the soundbar, the phonological of the room, or some combination, however ideally, the sound shouldn't sound favor it is coming from the soundbar; it must sound prefer it is comes from all about you. I have a hunch the the phonological of the room had actually a lot of to carry out with the failure. Ns don't expect an excellent acoustics in any type of Best buy room, not also if it's one of the Magnolia rooms. It's also worse if the product that you're listening to is no in a Magnolia room and is instead out top top the open up floor.

I don't know what upward-firing speakers sound like in a room that has actually a vaulted ceiling.

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If ns were the OP, ns would research this issue prior to buying anything. I simply started reading through this thread.